Belligerent Blue Jay

Tradition: Border

Set: 4 dancers (facing across)

Props: Sticks

Stepping: Single


(See below for explanation of figures.)

  • Chorus

    • Linear Bombast

    • Linear Hey

  • Chorus

    • Square Hey

    • Solar System (a.k.a. Death Star)

  • Chorus


The chorus has four stickings, each of which rotates the set by 1/4, returning it to where it started.

Each cycle of the sticking has a lyric that goes along with it:

  1. Across (F)

  2. To the Side (B)

  3. In the Middle (F)

  4. Behind (B)

  5. In the Middle (F)

  6. Across (B)

  7. Across (F)

  8. Hit the Ground

F and B are Forehand and Backhand clashes.


  • Info to come.

Figure Explanations:

  • Linear Bombast: The first time through, spin from a square set into a line (as in the chorus); otherwise, middles dance clockwise around each other 360 degrees (as if their right shoulder blades were attached). Middles then pass the ends by the right as ends pass the middles and then each other (by the right, becoming middles). Repeat the entire sequence a total of four times, ending where you started in the square set. Helpful hint: after the second time through the initial line will be inverted.

  • Linear Hey: Spin from a square set into a line (as in the chorus). Do a hey for 4 in that line, starting by passing right shoulders. End where you started in the square set.

  • Square Hey: Info to come.

  • Solar System: From square facing up and down (1,2 down, 3,4 up), all promenade in the direction they are facing (1,4 counter clockwise, 2,3 clockwise). 1 and 4 take the inside track. 2 and 3 take the outside track. Each time you meet someone, X forehand. Make two complete circuits (720 deg.)