Tradition: Fieldtown

Music: Fieldtown Trunkles (mp3)

Set: 6 dancers

Props: Hankies

Stepping: Double

Figures: Standard Fieldtown, each followed by a Chorus

  • Foot Up & Down

  • Tack Over

  • Back to Back

  • Rounds

  • Full Hey


  • Corners cross to each others’ positions.

  • Corners cross back to original position using a variable step.


  • Corners cross and then cross back in numerical order: 1st corners (1 and 6) cross, then 2nd corners (2 and 5), then 3rd corners (3 and 4).

  • Before crossing and before crossing back, dancers do a Once to Yourself.

  • To do the initial cross, they do two Side Steps (i.e., two double steps at an angle) then Galley Round, touch Right feet, and quietly walk back into place.

  • The step that they use to return home varies with each iteration, as follows:

    • 4 Side Steps

    • 8 Plain Capers

    • 4 Foray Capers (Beetle Crushers)

    • 4 Upright Capers

  • After crossing back, dancers do a Galley Round at Home.


  • In this dance, Foot Up & Down uses a Galley Round as the Retreat to Home.

  • FINISH: Full Hey ends with Caper Out and Show hankies.