Shepherd's Hey

This is a classic beginner dance that we have adapted locally.

Tradition: Fieldtown

Set: any number of dancers, arranged in a circle

Props: Hankies or None

Stepping: Double

Singing Intro:

Once the dancers have learned the dance, it is customary to sing the following ditty:

I can dance, I can sing.

I can do most anything.

I can whistle, I can play.

I can dance the Shepherd’s Hey.


  • Foot Up & Up:

    • One double step forward, one double step in place, Retreat to Home.

    • REPEAT.


A series of claps and taps, as follows:

  • Front, Front, [Variable Tap]

  • Front, Front, [Variable Tap]

  • Front, Back, Front,

  • Under Right Leg, Front,

  • Under Left Leg, Front


The variable tap may be:

  • Heels (Right, then Left)

  • Hips (Right, then Left)

  • Shoulders (Right, then Left)

  • Hats (Right side, then Left side)

  • At the end: Blow Kiss.


  • FINISH: Foot Up and Caper in place instead of backing up.