Young Collins

(Very) Young Collins

Music: Young Collins (mp3)

NOTE: Very Young Collins is identical to Young Collins. We added the “Very” because we often danced it with our youngest dancers.

This dance is identical to Waltzing Matilda except for the sticking. Here is how the sticking works for (Very) Young Collins:

DDD / XXX (low) / DDD / XXX (high)

That is, three quick Dibs, followed by three quick Clashes with the sticks held low, three more Dibs, and three more Clashes with the sticks held high.

The sticking can also be done this way:

  • B-B / T-T-T

In this version, the dancers use the butts of the sticks to clash low twice (or in some versions, three times), using a forehand motion, then they use the tips of the sticks to clash high three times quickly, also using a forehand motion.