St. Margaret's Classroom

The St. Margaret’s classroom is a unique classroom in the Langan School. It is comprised of students from ages 5-21 years old. Approaching learning with different teaching styles, this classroom focuses on student potential for learning primarily in the core subjects, such as English, Math, Science and Social Studies. With careful planning and intervention by the team, the student’s skills are enhanced through skills from the M.O.V.E (Mobility Opportunities Via Education) program. Opportunities are provided through sensory learning channels (intellect), social interaction, and familiarity of efforts and actions (physical) to help the students increase independence in all areas. Ongoing evaluations are being done daily on their achievement to measure how much success they have achieved toward their individual goals.



Skating Field Trip!!!


Everyone wore a little green to celebrat the 1st day of CP Awareness month!

Hi Friends,

I don’t know about you, but I do not like the cold, snowy and windy weather In February! In February, we talked about music by Louis Armstrong (jazz), by B.B. King (blues) and Aretha Franklin (soul). I like Country music better. We also talked about E-sports and video gaming. Some people really like E-sports, like the Wii games we play in P.E.. I like to watch T.V. more.

In March , Spring will start and we will probably talk about the Seasons and St. Patrick’s Day. I know that we will learn about other things too, but, I’ll have to tell you about them next month.

Bye for now,

Daniel for 03/19 Langan Student’s Corner


Everyone in the St. Margaret’s classroom enjoyed their Christmas break and have come back ready to start a new year. There have been many changes in our classroom and everyone is working hard to get into a smooth routine amongst these changes. This month we will be learning about winter animals, Martin Luther King Jr. and what hobbies are. So far, we have not been enjoying the cold weather and we hope it will warm up a little soon.


Hi Lions,

It’s been a while since my last Students’ Corner. I want to talk about my family’s holiday traditions and ask you to think and talk about yours.

For Thanksgiving, we would go to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house with some of my aunts and uncles. We would watch the parade on T.V. I love the marching bands! My favorite balloon is Sponge Bob. After dinner, my family plays games. In school, we talked about the Pilgrims. I would not want to be a Pilgrim.

We have another vacation from school soon. Some people will celebrate Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa. My family likes to sing Christmas songs. We also go to church and visit friends and family. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays!

Do you have a favorite holiday? What are your family traditions?



The St. Margaret’s classroom has been settling in for the new school year. We are starting to get everything ready for our Halloween haunted house that we put on every year for all the kids and adults here at St. Margaret’s. We have been studying pumpkins and spiders so there just might be some interesting facts at the haunted house about both of them. The class has been busy and welcoming a new staff; Welcome Talitha! We are also getting reading to say goodbye to Crystallie as she is getting ready to retire. We will miss you Crystallie!

Summer Program

Of course, the students had fun at the St. Margaret's classroom carnival...but so did the staff!

Some of Our Summer Writing Projects

Damia (1)

Students made choices to create their own writing projects. Some of the items we chose were Main Character, Setting, and Events. Damia typed her answers herself!

The month of July we have been discussing salt water vs fresh. Our class identified the types of animals that live in both types of water, the types of plants that live in both types of water, and the bodies of water that contain both fresh and salt water. Of course, St. Margaret’s class does more than just work! We also made a super fun art project where we made whales out of cups. The student’s loved the activity and many of the whales received names for being pinterest worthy whales. Also of report, the last week of July we are celebrating Irene’s birthday! This Wednesday staff will be doing something special for her birthday during our staff meeting.