Room 9

Teacher: Blair Murray

Class 9

Teacher: Blair Murray

Teaching Assistants: Mary, Monique, Judy, Chris, Deb


Room 9 has been spending time getting to know each other this September. We were sad to say goodbye to our friend Sameiah who moved up to her new classroom. We have 2 new friends who joined our class this year. We want to welcome Elma and Elijah! They are great additions to our class and both bring lots of smiles and laughter to Room 9! Our Unique learning theme this month is “we work together.” We have spent time doing collaborative academic activities and art projects and are focusing on the importance of being a good friend. We are joining many other Langan classes in taking part in “International Dot Day.” We have read the story and now are working on mixed media art projects and hats to wear on our dot day. We are also doing an author study on Roald Dahl and will vote on one of his books to read aloud as a class. We are looking forward to our field trip to Bowman Orchard on September 23rd! We want to wish a Happy 7th Birthday to Nathan on September 18th!

Here are some pictures from our field trip to Bowman Orchard!


We are having so much fun with our Unique Learning theme this month! Room 9 is now full of scientists! We have been doing lots of experiments in the classroom, including some that have used the apples we picked at Bowman Orchard. We will continue to read stories about scientific inquiry on Unique and have some STEM activities we'll be doing soon! For ELA, we have been reading aloud "Junie B., First Grader: Boo...and I Mean It!" Thank you Elijah for bringing the book in to share with the class. We are so ready for Halloween!

This is Halloween!


Room 9 is really enjoying our Unique Learning theme so far. We are studying Earth and space science and have spent the first week of November learning about the difference between day and night. We also started a very messy partner art project where we are making a paper mache sun and moon! We're looking forward to learning more about the sun, moon, stars, and earth this month! We are also excited to talk about Thanksgiving and the things we are thankful for. The teachers in Room 9 are thankful for our amazing students and their supportive families! We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Happy Birthday this month to our Speech Therapist Sarah and our PTA Sue!

Working on our day and night mural

This is our finished day and night mural!

The students worked so hard to make the paper mache sun and moon and paint the background. A special thanks to Ms. Deb for her creativity in leading this project!

Thanksgiving turkeys in disguise


Happy Holidays to all! This month we are learning about holiday traditions around the world and focusing on the words "same" and "different." We began writing letters to our new penpals and can't wait to discover all of the ways in which we are the same and different! We are also doing some activities with our classroom partners to talk about the things we have in common with each other. We are planning on reading lots of holiday books during the next few weeks and will enjoy a visit from PALS and a movie afternoon with some of the other MOVE classrooms at Langan! We are looking forward to making gingerbread houses, playing the dreidel game with Ms. Sarah, and doing a sensory activity with the smells of Christmas! Happy Birthday this month to Ms. Chris, Ms. Deb (OT), and Elijah!

Fun at the Homecoming Dance!

Holiday Pictures

Happy New Year from Room 9!