We Are the Lions

We are the Lions, with Langan pride

Different on the outside

But the same inside

We love our school

Yes, you and me

Take a look around and you will see…


At Langan School

We will rejoice

We have a choice

We have a voice


No challenge too great

Independence the rule

When we spread our wings

We soar in our school

The friendships we build

Will never end

When you’re in Langan

You’ll be with friends


All Grade Bands

FALL: Government Focus

ELEM: This is My School

INT: We Have Leaders

MS: Our Leaders, Our World

HS: Leaders in Our Lives

TRANS: Understanding Laws and Rights

Fall Topics:

Four Day School Week

Food Truck Festivals

Weather-Ready Nation

Spacecraft to the Sun

Principal's Corner

Happy Fall!!! Welcome back to school, I hope everyone had a wonderful vacation!! I am looking forward to another exciting year!! We are starting off the year with 97% enrollment, and we continue to get more “referrals” every week!! This year we will have 16 graduates to celebrate!!

I am pleased to welcome Matthew Farrow as our new Master Special Education teacher in room 1, and Michael Hayes as our new PE teacher. I know they will be awesome additions to our Langan team!! Make sure you take a minute to welcome them to our school!! We are also starting the school year with “full” staffing!! Way to go Karrie Diacetis!!

“ The best thing about being a teacher is that it matters. The hardest thing about being a teacher is that it matters every day. Todd Whitaker

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