We Are the Lions

We are the Lions, with Langan pride

Different on the outside

But the same inside

We love our school

Yes, you and me

Take a look around and you will see…


At Langan School

We will rejoice

We have a choice

We have a voice


No challenge too great

Independence the rule

When we spread our wings

We soar in our school

The friendships we build

Will never end

When you’re in Langan

You’ll be with friends


It is getting to be that time of the year when we have to pay attention to the weather..and that 4 letter word..SNOW! I know everyone just dreads a “snow day”. Please make sure you tune in to your local radio or TV station to check of a school closing. Please note that we will be listed as “Langan School”. Staff are granted the first 2 snow days, if any snow days are called after that, staff will be expected to report to work, or you can use your personal time.


K-12: Earth Science Focus

All grade bands will learn about weather by exploring the Earth's atmosphere, its seasonal effects, and measuring, predicting and reporting them!

Transition : Daily Living Focus

Keeping My Home Safe looks at keeping our homes safe and maintaining them

March Topics

School Breakfast Week

American Idol Returns

Car Vending Machines

King Tut Exhibit

Principal's Corner

Welcome March!! I know we are all ready for Spring!! Just a reminder, we have used all of our snow days for the year, if there is another snow event, Langan School will not close. Staff will be expected to report or use their time. As always, please use your judgment, we want everyone to be safe!! Just think SPRING!!!

We are looking forward to our Science Fair on the 21st. The theme for this year’s event is “Technology : Past and Present” . Thank you Nadia for organizing this event!

We also had our annual Special Olympic kick off on February 28th! I cannot believe that this is our 4th year already!! I know all of our athletes will be selecting their events, and will start training and practicing for the big event!

I thought I would end with an Irish blessing to recognize St Patrick’s Day.

May your joys be as deep as the ocean

Your troubles as light as its foam

And may you find sweet peace of mind

Wherever you may roam.

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