Room 14 : Shakeem

Room 14 chose Shakeem as their Student of the Month. He has been in our class since moving up from IR. Shakeem has learned the names of all staff and peers and uses them to address us all regularly. He keeps us laughing with his dance moves and asking for Michael Jackson songs. He will independently grab his rest room bag and ask staff to transition with him. He knows that 3pm is bus and Mama times and is not shy to remind us when it’s close to 3.

In Speech Shakeem is using 3-5 word utterances to communicate, even when asked yes/no questions. He brings joy to the whole classroom and politely asks staff and peers to clap and dance along with him all day long. Shakeem has graduated to use of a plate guard instead of a scoop dish and trialing ground meals at lunch. He has demonstrated increased independence waiting in line to get his own lunch and appropriately clearing his tray and garbage. We are so proud of the independent, polite young man he is growing into and can’t wait to see how much further he will go!

Room 7: Joey

Room 7 is so proud to celebrate Joey’s success this month. This is Joey’s second year in our class. Joey is able to complete and participate in his routine equipment transfers calmly. He anticipates co-active signing (‘I help’) and is starting to point to himself before moving, and his stand pivots are not only improving – he giggles when he stands particularly well! Joey’s amazing laugh and other vocalizations are coming out many times throughout the day now. It is a joy to hear him laughing during lessons when he really knows the answers. He frequently giggles through all of reading and a full set of questions.

Recently we began using a customized vocabulary on the iPad with pictures of his familiar tactile symbols. He is demonstrating great visual scanning techniques, thinking time, and interest. We hope to transition him to his own iPad soon.

Joey is increasing his initiation of using both hands to functionally grasp and/or explore more classroom tools and materials and to get a bigger picture of the world around him. When asked to volunteer to participate in a lesson, he is stepping up to the task and will raise his hand. Most impressive to us, he understands that he can communicate about what upsets him and then return to a calm, alert state – ready to learn!

Principal's Corner

It is December already!! I know many of our classes are learning about all the different holidays and traditions that this holiday season brings. I hope that everyone takes time to enjoy this holiday season, take a breath and enjoy all the wonderful things that the season brings! I wish everyone peace and joy for the upcoming 2019 year!!

The staff at Langan are also very busy preparing for the upcoming “annual review season!” Believe it or not we have meetings starting in early January!! These meetings are truly a “team effort”, we need to have all voices heard , with the most important voice being that of the student and the parent!!

December Curriculum Highlights

All Grade Bands

December Focus : History

It's a Tradition

This unit is based on the traditions and practices of cultures during the winter holiday season.

December Topics:

Hour of Code

Baking Cookies