Classroom 2:

Heidi Dowling

The Classroom 2 Team (left-right): Mario, Eduardo, Flo, Brylle, Marie, Jeremey, Jean, Heidi

January Update:

Happy New Year from Classroom 2! Did you know that January was named after the Roman God Janus? He is usually depicted as having two faces, as he looks to the future and the past. Just before the break we read a News2You article called "Remembering 2019," about significant news events in 2019. Some of the events discussed were the Women's World Cup, the first all-woman space walk, and the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. We are now looking forward to great things in 2020. We are wishing Jeremey (TA) well as he leaves us to start a new career on January 8th.

Janus - Looking toward the future while remembering the past.