Room 8: Ginger Hollner

Class 8 Teacher: Ginger Hollner


This month:

We have a lot to celebrate this month. Next week we have valentine's and the 100th day of school. We will be completing a lot of Valentine's themed projects along with our Unique Geography unit this month. We also have Miss Kayla, Miss Gillian and Lucas' Birthdays to celebrate!


Sadly we say goodbye to two more amazing TAs. Mr. Archie and Ms. Alexys left us yesterday. Good Luck you two! You will be greatly missed!

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December has been a busy month and like most months has flown by. We have been discussing different holidays (Saint Nicolas Day, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Saint Lucia Day and of course Christmas). We had Santa visit last Friday December 13th which was loads of fun. There are more pictures on the Police Albany Athletic League facebook along with the ones you see here. The kids loved seeing Santa and the students caroling.

We are patiently waiting for our pen pal letters from Texas. I am hoping they arrive this week so we can read and respond before we leave for our holiday vacation.

Finally, this Friday we sadly say "see you later" to Mr Archie and Miss Alexys who are amazing assets to our team. They will be greatly missed by everyone in room 8, so we will celebrate with an afternoon Christmas/ Goodbye party.

Miss Emma joined room 8 this month. Her smile is infectious. She seems to be enjoying the interactions with staff and students. We can't wait to get to know her as a learner!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

It was a busy November in room 8. We had the homecoming dance last week. A few of our friends went ice skating with PE and we had a thanksgiving feast in the room today. I must say that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, but over the years it has changed a lot not in a bad way its just not the same as when I was a child. Today preparing the sides for our students it felt like "my" thanksgiving the student watched last years Macy's Day parade and it was nice to hear they happy and the parade going. We talked a lot about things we were thankful for and shared some great books about it too. I for one am Thankful for everyday I get to enrich our students minds, help them get up and moving and just general being apart of their everyday life. I am also extremely thankful for the team I work side by side with everyday without them I wouldn't be able to do what I do everyday. It truly takes a village. Thank you families, friends, and team for all you do everyday for our amazing students.

Behind the scenes

Photo day with our students we always work hard to get that perfect picture and this year was no different. We even pulled in administration to help with a few friends.

Turkey by Jashai

Rollerskating with Miss Gillian

Mizair has been rollerskating to work on his balance and build his confidence. We have seen some great things because of this. Mizair is on the cusp of walking independently.

Happy Halloween from Room 8!!

Amelia the Wolf

Elaina the unicorn

Uriah liked wearing the Chase hat!

I totally forgot to share these awesome pictures of Mizair painting in OT. He's quite the artist!!! Thank you Miss Gillian for sharing.

Miss Pherine's last day was 10/10. The team and students are sad to see her go, but she is on to amazing things in the nursing field. Good luck Miss Pherine come visit soon.


Welcome to Room 8 Elaina

This fall Elaina joined room 8!

Room 8 has jumped right into the school year. If fact we September literally flew by in a blink of an eye. This fall Elaina joined room 8 and she fits right in. She has a great sense of humor and loves to move! We are also happy to welcome back Ms. Laura (PT) to the team.

October's unit will be all about science we will be doing lots of exploration of the scientific method starting with an experiment to see if our students can guess the fruit just by smell and taste (for those that can). We also are exploring lemons by taste and smell to pair with our story The Lemon Test and made lemonade. It was a hit with the class!

Important news: Miss Pherine will be leaving us! We are super sad to have her go as she has been an amazing member of our team, but she will be entering the nursing field which is what she is studying in school. Good Luck Pherine!!!!

Upcoming important dates:

  • October 8-Archie's Birthday
  • October 10-Miss Pherine's last day
  • October 31 Halloween movie party

Meet the Room 8 Team

Miss Mary Lynn

Miss Kayla

Miss Marinna