Room 7

Room 7 is a small ratio active learning elementary classroom with a focus on curriculum designed for students with vision and/or hearing losses. In Room 7, students work on MOVE skills, use of routines, multi-sensory learning and integration, concept development, independent living skills, and functional communication. Our classroom believes in project-based learning, connected thematic study, and using all moments of the day to learn.

Classroom Team

  • Amanda - teacher
  • Sean - TA
  • Faith - TA
  • Lhadoen - TA
  • Laureen - nurse
  • Maggie - PT
  • Amy - PTA
  • Jean - OT
  • Emma - SLP
  • Anne - TOD
  • Jen - TOD
  • Sarah - TOD
  • Deirdre - TVI
  • Kristen - TVI
  • Doreen - TVI
  • Amy - TVI
  • Kerry - TVI
  • Kevin - music
  • Rachel - music

January 2020

This month we will learn all about kindness as we start our new year (and decade) with good habits and positivity in mind! We will read in our groups about how we show kindness – telling people we like them, using polite words, and helping. Kindness is important because each person is special and deserving of respect. We will show this all month during our calendar group each day when the special student gets a hug, handshake, or high-five from each of his/her peers. Each week we will focus on an aspect of kindness.

Check back for pictures of kindness in action and to see how our bulletin board turns out for the school contest (the theme is “Cool to be Kind”).

1/2-1/3: introduce kindness and complimenting friends

1/6-1/10: respect – we respect ourselves by advocating, we respect peers by sharing, we respect our class by helping

1/13-1/17: we can help animals and nature – setting up food and shelter for birds/insects during winter

1/20-1/24: service project: students will choose a service project for the school community

1/27-1/31: we can bring kindness home – creating a kind gift to bring home

Other important dates: no school 1/17 (professional development) and 1/20 (MLK jr. Day).

Students relax and play at the end of 2019:

December 2019

December is a short month in class, but full of excitement. This month, students will continue their lessons on weather and planets in ELA and math. We will begin to celebrate winter and holidays during our science, cooking, games, and art.

Jude was chosen as our classroom's Student of the Month this year! We are all really excited to see Jude taking pride in his great work. See his full write-up on the homepage, and tell him "good job" if you see him in the hallways!

Above is our calendar for December (or Aralik in Turkish). Only 13 days at school, but they will be busy and fun! Students have picked the pattern that we will be repeating with our winter pictures. This week we made origami candy canes in art, we will melt candy canes in science, and taste peppermint tea and candy canes in dining group. Next week they will make hot chocolate in cooking, an origami cup in art, build with marshmallows for science, and explore cocoa in dining group. During the last week of school before break, they will make origami houses in art, build a gingerbread house in dining group, and dissolve cookies in science. See below for more about our themes and special events!

Themes & Topics: Weather, Planets, Winter: Ice, Snow, and Cold, Holidays: Candy canes, Cocoa, and Gingerbread

Special Events: No school 12/6 (professional development); 12/23-1/1 (holiday break); Santa (lobby) 12/13 @ 10:00; Carolers from Smith Center (lobby) 12/20 @ 10:00; Winter Wonderland (gym) 12/20 (time TBD); Hands & Voices Holiday Party 12/14 (flyer sent home with parents of students with hearing loss!)

Art Focus: Origami

Math Focus: G1: Add/Subtract 1-20; G2: More, Less & Equal; G3: Division

Core Words: hot, cold

Letters: Ii

Birthdays: Pia - 6 on 12/15, Chase - 10 on 12/27, Laureen 12/11, and Faith 12/31

November 2019

We had so much fun this November and especially during our Thanksgiving Feast! Our students have been making some nice progress in their walking, sitting, and standing this month. Sometimes they are even creative! Kassidy enjoys teaching the doll to use every piece of equipment, while Zehra (below) shows us that you can sit, stand, and walk all at once!

Themes & Topics: Weather, Planets, Change, Seasons, Harvests

Special Events: Thanksgiving Feast - Thursday November 21st. Students will do prep and sensory in the morning; feast 11-12:30; and games and sensory in the afternoon!

Art Focus: Color mixing

Math Focus: G1: Add/Subtract 1-20; G2: More vs. Less; G3: Multiplication

Core Words: now, later

Letters: Tt, Ii

Birthdays: Joey - 9 years old on the 25th! Amanda (5th), Kristen (14th), Doreen (21st)

Room 7 had a blast during our special activities in October – we made leaf field journals at Washington Park; we designed, measured, and made choices for our class costumes; we had a great Halloween with mummy yoga, our class party, and the Haunted House.

We are excited for another month of fall learning!

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To the left, the students and staff dressed up in food costumes. The students worked hard all month on design, measurement, and construction!

To the right, Chase and Joey enjoying our perfect weather for our fall exploration at Washington Park!

October 2019


Room 7 has moved! We are now located in room 307.

Our field trip to Washington Park will be Thursday, October 24th, from 10:00 - 12:00.

Chase and Jude will be helping paint school murals, along with other Langan students, on the 18th and 25th, respectively!

October promises to be an exciting and fun month in Room 7! We will be celebrating fall in several ways. Students will be voting on a class costume early in the month. Our STEM project will be designing, measuring, and constructing their costumes. We will wear our class costumes on the 30th. We can wear Halloween costumes from home on the 31st during the Haunted House. And then, after all the fun, students are encouraged to wear PJs on November 1st!

In art and math, students will be learning about patterns and Mandalas using fall objects like leaves and pumpkins.

Students will be reading about working together in group 1, making choices together in group 2, and the changing season & Haikus in group 3.

We are also working on scheduling a field trip to Washington Park to experience the change of season for this month; details TBD.

We wish Jude a Happy 8th Birthday on the 15th! We are excited to welcome our speech therapist, Emma, back to school and we wish her a Happy Birthday on the 23rd!