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Teacher: Kylie Benoit

Class 6 Teacher: Kylie Benoit

Winter Break, is that you?

It is so hard to believe we are already at the beginning of February and just a few short days away from Winter Break. It seems like this year is really flying by. As I mentioned last month, we are in Annual Review season around Langan. While this means a lot of teacher meetings and paperwork it really is one of my favorite times of the year. This is the time where we really get to share the hard work all of our students do on a daily basis with families, district leaders, and school staff. It is always such a great way to see how far each student has really come. I have to say that this past month has been so much fun for our classroom.

This time of year can be challenging for students as the weather is often not the best. However, we are making the best of it. Room 6 is learning about geography this month. We are learning all about regions of our country, resources, and different land forms, and focusing on Dental hygiene for our science unit. This month students will also be participating in a few fun activities for the 100th day of school and Valentine’s Day. Next week we will be sharing our projects for the 100th day of school. The students are working on creating books about 100. We are also going to be doing a Would You Rather choice making game about 100.. Also next week we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. This month we will be changing up our usual RAAVE party and celebrating with just the students in Room 1. We are excited to spend time with another class. At the party we will be decorating cookies, exchanging Valentines, and playing a Valentine’s Day BINGO game.

This month I would like to give a shout out to JEREMIAH!

Jeremiah has very quickly made a lot of progress. He has been doing a great job requesting preferred items from staff. Jeremiah has been heard verbally requesting things such as the bike, iPad, snack items, a break from academic work, and calming choices. Jeremiah even tried a new food item in school recently! It has been great to hear Jeremiah is also making TONS of progress at home! We are all so proud of you, Jeremiah. Keep up the great work!

Have a great week,


Happy New Year! In 2020 I will...

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! While we all wish break lasted a little bit longer, we are ready to get back to work! For the first day back from vacation we spent some time talking about things we want to do in the new year. We talked about making resolutions and the things we can strive to do in the next year. The Room 6 students took some time to practice their writing skills to talk about the things they want to "try", "do", and "be" this year. Students were given a choice board of options and also encouraged to use their personal communication systems to write their sentences. Below are the responses the the writing prompt "In 2020 I will..."


  • TRY more new habits.
  • DO chores.
  • BE thankful.


  • TRY more games.
  • DO new chores.
  • BE healthy.

Shua (NOTE: Shua really enjoyed exploring the many options throughout his communication device. He was so excited at all of the options he had to complete the sentences.

  • TRY new hard food.
  • DO listen to ITunes.
  • BE healthy.


  • TRY more games.
  • DO chores.
  • BE happy.

We are so excited to see the students carry out their resolutions throughout the year. We will continue to look for ways to accomplish these things. I am especially interested to see all of the "new chores" the students are willing to do.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. Despite having a few days off for the holiday and a surprise snow day on Monday, the students in Room 6 have gotten right back to work! This month is going to be a short, fun filled month for our students. There are many people working hard around Langan to make this time of year enjoyable for our students. Some fun things we are looking forward to are: our annual visit from PALS, a Winter Wonderland, and our RAAVE party. Thank you in advance to everyone for their hard work.

This month the students in Room 6 will all be reading the Unique chapter book at the middle school level about pen pals from around the world. We are looking forward to a small change to our ELA Centers. Also this month we will be reading another story in the Magic Tree House series. This week we began reading Polar Bears Past Bedtime. This story will follow the same main characters, Jack and Annie, on another adventure. This time to the Arctic. This seems really fitting as we look outside our classroom window and see our playground COVERED in snow! With our story, students will be completing activities to go along with each chapter as well as focusing on the Arctic habitat, animals from the Arctic, and other "snow" themed science activities.

This month also kicks off our Annual School Review season. Over the next few months there will be paperwork and other information sent home with the students. We are looking forward to hearing from our parents and sharing with each school district how much progress our students have been making so far this year! Believe me, we have A LOT to brag about!

Have a great month and wonderful holiday season! Check back for updates about many of the fun activities we have planned!

Solar System Sequencing

This week the students in Room 6 continued learning about the Solar System. The younger students in the class focused on the sun, while our older students started learning about the entire solar system. During our class discussions we have been learning about the other planets in the solar system. On Thursday during science we took some time to practice our listening and sequencing skills to learn about the order to the planets. Then, we checked our work while listening to a song about our solar system. Pictured above is Jonathan's work. He was able to get the order of the planets correct just by listening to the clues read aloud. He did a great job completing this with almost NO HELP from the classroom staff! Great job, Jonathan!

Thanksgiving on Thursday

This week the students in Room 6 started our new reading group. The students have enjoyed listening to the read aloud each day. After each read aloud, the students have completed an activity related to the reading. On Tuesday, the students read the Prologue and Chapter 1 of our story. After completing the reading we discussed answering various questions based on the reading. The students completed the activity above to help us remember basic facts about our story. Take a look at Shua's work! He did an EXCELLENT job!


Room 6 has had a great start to the month of November. This month our students will be learning about Earth and Space through our Unique units. Here's a look at what we have done so far this week as well as what is to come:

This week we talked about Veterans Day. Students watched a video and read a story about how Veterans Day started and why we celebrate. We also talked about different seasons of the year. While we talked about this last month, we learned why the seasons change on Earth. Then, students had a chance to vote for their favorite season. Using the votes we created a bar graph and a tally chart.


Reading Group:

Starting next week we will be adding a Reading Group to our routine. Each afternoon we will be doing a class read aloud followed by an activity to go with the reading. In preparation for Thanksgiving we will be reading Magic Tree House: Thanksgiving On Thursday by Mary Pope Osborne. Through our reading we will be learning more about the First Thanksgiving, working on listening skills, vocabulary development, and various literary elements.

Social Studies:

Along with what we learn about during our reading group, we will be talking about the First Thanksgiving through nonfiction read alouds. After learning more about the First Thanksgiving students will take some time to think about the things they are thankful for. During our social studies and ELA times, students will have a chance to create a project related to being thankful.


This month in our math groups we are going to be learning about comparing groups of numbers. We are introducing a new routine to our daily math group as we learn as a whole class rather than in pairs. I am so excited to see all of the students work together as a class to learn a new concept.


Our ELA groups this month have a heavy emphasis on SCIENCE! However, during our science group time we will also be learning more about space. One exciting activity will be a listening activity to sequence the planets. I am excited to see the students' progress in sequencing and listening comprehension.

Special Events:

Room 6 will attend the annual RAAVE movie/ pajama party the day before our Thanksgiving break. We are also planning a class wide Thanksgiving meal to share with each other. Stay tuned for more details.

Shout Outs:

I cannot end the monthly post without a special thanks to the classroom staff in Room 6. They have done an amazing job stepping up and leading the classroom. Each staff has really worked hard to help our students and fellow staff. There have been a few staffing changes in our room recently and they have all done an amazing job to make sure the needs of our students are still being met. I would like to especially thank Bryan (P.E. staff) and Jettz (OT/PT assistant) for helping out in our classroom. Both Bryan and Jettz have jumped right into our routine and have been BEYOND flexible in working with new students and taking on a different role from their typical jobs. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Have a great month! I am sure we will have more updates soon!


Room 6 Decorates

The students in Room 6 took time during Art group this week to create a "Handprint bat." the bat wings were created by tracing each student's hands. Each student was able to choose the color paper they wanted in order to create their bat. Pictured above is Jeremiah's bat. His bat along with the others created by his classmates were used as decorations for the annual RAAVE Halloween party.

Can You Make a Haunted House?

Directions read aloud to students:

1. Glue the house in the middle of your paper.

2. Glue the yellow moon in the sky.

3. Glue the fences on both sides of the house.

4. Glue a pumpkin in front of the fence.

5. Glue the black cat on the roof.

6. Glue the “Haunted House” sign next to the pumpkin.

7. Glue the witch in the sky.

8. Glue the ghost in 1 window.

9. Glue the bat near the moon.

10. Write your name in the top corner.

Can you make a Haunted House?

The students in Room 6 practiced their listening skills for a project during ELA on Halloween. The students were given a piece of paper and all of the pieces necessary to complete their Haunted House pictures. Students were read aloud directions in order to complete the project (seen to the left). The directions were purposely left vague to allow for student interpretation. Check out Shua's Haunted House!

Jonathan's sequencing

Yesterday morning the students in Room 6 listened to a read aloud of the story "Stellaluna." Following the reading, students discussed putting the parts of the story in the correct order. This was a way to work on the literacy skill of sequencing. Students were given 4 parts of the story to cut out. After cutting them out, the students were asked to put them in the correct order. Pictured above is Jonathan's worksheet! He worked on this during OT. Not only are we impressed with his sequencing skills, but his practice with cutting and writing his name is really paying off! Go Jonathan! We're so proud of you!

Kadeem's Labeling

After practicing with sequencing the parts of "Stellaluna," the students in Room 6 were given a worksheet to label the parts of a bat. The main character in the story, Stellaluna, is a bat that lives with birds. The students were asked to trace the words, cut them out, and glue them in the correct spot. Kadeem did an excellent job working on labeling, reading the words without symbol support, and writing. His hard work is really showing! His writing and independence in completing his work grows each day! We are so proud of you, Kadeem!

What's New in Room 6

The students in Room 6 have continued to work hard throughout the month. Last week, the students were finally able to attend the annual RAAVE field trip. The students did a great job on the trip and really enjoyed all of the fun activities.

This week the students will be participating in many activities related to Halloween. Students will be working on sequencing during our ELA lessons this week. We will be reading "Stellaluna" and "There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Bat." After reading, students will practice putting the story in order. In addition, they will be working on listening comprehension skills with both stories. Stay tuned for updates!

Students will also be doing a few art projects this week. On Tuesday, students will be creating bat decorations for our annual RAAVE Halloween party. The bats will also be connected to the reading of "Stellaluna." Later in the week, the students will also be creating a Haunted House scene for art group. For this project, students will have to carefully listen to directions in order to complete their project. We can't wait to show you their work!

On Thursday, students will be attending the RAAVE Halloween Party. In addition to our bat decorations, Room 6 will also be assisting in preparing a snack. Room 6 will be preparing the ingredients for a "Make Your Own Dirt Cup" station during our cooking group. Stop by our table, we will have yummy treats to include such as chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, Oreo cookies, Chocolate chip cookies, marshmallows, and gummy worms to include in the snack. Have a great week!

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"What is your Favorite Pumpkin Snack?"

Students and staff in Room 6 spent the last two days during our math lessons completing bar graphs. In order to do this, students and staff tasted four different “pumpkin” treats on Tuesday afternoon. Students and staff were then able to vote for their favorite treat. The four choices were: pumpkin muffins, pumpkin spice yogurt, pumpkin ice cream, and white chocolate pumpkin M&Ms. Students and staff were given time to taste all snacks before making their choice. On Wednesday morning, we looked at our classroom graph students helped create based on their votes. We used a variety of math skills to complete and fill out a bar graph worksheet. Students then used the information from the graph to answer questions based on our data. The results of the votes were:

Pumpkin muffins: 3 votes

Pumpkin spice yogurt: 2 votes

Pumpkin Ice Cream: 7 votes

White Chocolate Pumpkin M&Ms: 1 vote

A Very Rainy Monday..

Due to the rain today, Room 6 and the other RAAVE classrooms decided to postpone the field trip to another day. The rainy weather called for a change in our plans. However, we continued the pumpkin fun. This afternoon, students painted their own pumpkins. I would like to give a special thanks to Desiree (TA) for getting each of our students a pumpkin to paint. Once dry, students will be taking their pumpkins home to share with their families. Until then, take a look at the pictures, or stop by Room 6 to see our work!

Have a great week,


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Jonathan working hard on his "Pumpkin Investigation".


Room 6 is enjoying the beginning of the Fall season. In preparation for our annual RAAVE field trip we have been spending the beginning of the month learning all about pumpkins. So far this week the students have enjoyed reading the popular story “The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin” by Joe Toriano. Following some practice with answering questions based on the story, the students also got to enjoy watching the movie “Spookley the Square Pumpkin.” For our art group last Wednesday, the students created their very own pumpkin decoration for our classroom door. After reading the story and watching the movie, students learned that being different isn’t a bad thing. Stop by Room 6 to see the many different types of pumpkins students created. They used various methods of communication to choose the shape, color, size, and decorations for their pumpkins. Each is so unique… just like all of us!

For our science lessons last week we learned all about objects that sink and float. For the first day, we learned some basic concepts about why things sink and why things float in water. Next, students were presented with various classroom objects such as counting bears, blocks, markers, and sensory balls. Students made predictions about which objects would sink and which would float before testing their predictions. On Tuesday, the class then got to test all they learned about sinking and floating on the three class pumpkins we have been using throughout the week. I think it is safe to say that the students predictions were correct… the teachers on the other hand needed a little bit more practice.

Math last week also focused on our three class pumpkins. At the beginning of the week the students focused on making observations using their sense of sight. Next, the students explored our linking cubes to guess the height of a pumpkin. Next, our students will get a chance to actually measure the pumpkins in linking cubes to see if our guesses were correct. Lastly, the students will complete a “Pumpkin Investigation” to describe the pumpkin, sort it by size compared to other pumpkins, and draw the pumpkin. The staff and students are all anxiously awaiting who has the best guess. We seemed to have created a little competition this week. In the game of “Guess the Height of the Pumpkin: Teachers versus Students” the students won! Rashawn was the only one to guess correctly!

Lastly, the students FINALLY got to use their sense of taste for a cooking group. Students made “Pumpkin Pie in a Cup.” Cooking group is always a great way to incorporate all of our counting, reading, writing, fine motor, and addition skills into a fun lesson.

As you can see last week around Room 6 was quite busy. However, the best part of it all is that the staff and students are really having fun. It has been so nice to take our learning in a new direction and focus on something different. We cannot wait to continue the pumpkin fun next week at our field trip and beyond as we continue to explore pumpkins next week. Below is the anticipated October themes in Room 6. Come back soon, we are sure to have many more updates!

October 7-11: Field Trip *POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER*, Pumpkin Exploration Week 2, Professional Development Day

October 14-18: Columbus Day (14th) NO SCHOOL, All things APPLES, *FIELD TRIP RAIN DATE*

October 21-25: Changing colors of Fall

October 28- November 1: Halloween


Welcome Back! As we finish up the first full week of the school year, I would like to thank our amazing team for helping our students adjust back to school after a great two-week vacation. The transition for our students was seamless. We are all back to business as usual learning all about our rights as United States citizens through our Unique Learning System unit. This month our students are also being introduced to a variety of new math skills in their math groups. Our older students are focusing on money skills. This month we are working on identifying the value of coins and bills. I am so excited with how quickly they are all learning. Our younger students are focusing on their addition skills in their math group. This new skill has proven to be a challenge, but our students are quickly learning and eager to show their teachers the progress they are making.

As we continue through the month of September we are eager for a few fun events. First, our students will get the chance to see all of the students that will be graduating this coming June in our annual parade. This is always such a fun event! Also, during the last week of September the students in Room 6 will be able to participate in our Fire Safety Day events. Last year was a huge success as our students loved meeting firefighters, exploring a fire truck, and meeting a police horse. I have no doubt our students will love the event this year as well. After our much anticipated September events, we are also really looking forward to our annual RAAVE field trip to Liberty Ridge. This day is always so much fun for our students. This year we are looking forward to spending a week focused on all things pumpkins as we prepare to pick pumpkins on our field trip. This theme will carry into nearly every activity we do the week before the field trip. Stay tuned for updates!

September Birthdays:

Ahti (24th)- Happy Birthday Ahti!

Shout outs:

This month the TAs of Room 6 deserve extra recognition! Quess, Desiree, Angie, Shereen, and our new TA, Jaycie, have made the transition back to school a success. They have jumped on board with a few changes in our classroom to improve our daily routines for students. They have also really stepped up, taken on many responsibilities, and have been so flexible with our schedule. Thank you for always putting our students first. I couldn’t do it without you!