Room 11


Fiorella Zotta

Hello Everyone, Room 11 is back!!

My name is Fiorella Zotta -you can call me Fio :)

I recently took over as the new permanent teacher for the room.

To tell you a little bit more about myself, I am a native Costa Rican and my first language is Spanish,


The Room 11 Team!

  • Abby PT
  • Amy- PT
  • Carol-OT
  • Chris-TA
  • Deidra-TVI
  • Dayanne-TVI
  • Ed-TA
  • Emma-TA
  • Jenn- TOD
  • Jun-TA
  • Karry- TVI
  • Kay- nurse
  • Rey - TA
  • Rob-TA
  • Yuliya- SLT

Happy New Years All

The start of the year has been exciting for room 11! The students all enjoyed their break from class and each had a unique vacation experience. Some vacationed, some visited family and others stayed home and played all break

January has been a month of learning about KINDNESS!

We learned different ways to show kindness, how to be respectful to each other and why it's important.

The students work on the bulletin board in two groups:

The Art Project Team-Shahir, Lesly, Kevin, Ali, Keegan, Adian

The Poem Project Team- Jeremy, Stella, Jianna, Cheyanne, Jay-J, Chester

Amazing Job room 11, Everyone did a great job making choices and showing your creativity on these projects and the bulletin board looks GREAT!!


Art Project

By Shahir, Lesly, Kevin, Ali, Keegan, Aidan

Art Project

Poem Project

By Jeremy, Stella, Jianna, Cheyenne, Jay-J, Chester

Quote of the month:

"Little things make a big difference."


The month of December has being a big transition month.

I have been getting to know staff and students but we’ve still managed to have a great learning experience!

We kicked off the month learning about the Solar System!

Our student's got to designed and build their very own planet!! They decided what orbited around their planet such as multiple moons, rings, size, color and even who gets to live there.

The results were astounding!!

To mention a couple designs,

Chester stipulated you will need a passport to enter into “Chesterland”

Keegan decided that his planet was only for dogs!

It's The Holiday Season!!

We have also been learning about several holidays like Christmas, Ramadan and Hanukkah. The Students are really excited to learn how different cultures celebrate the holidays and how much we all have in common and how great our differences are.

Fun With Hot Cocoa:

For this expriment the students hypothizized about wheather Marshmellows would disolve faster in hot water or hot milk.

Our class was split on what would happen but, our expirement concluded that marshmellows dislove faster in Milk!!

Gift Exchange:

As part of our Holiday learning expriance, our students discoverd that the many cultures we learned about have some form of gift giving is part of their faith/custom.

To emulate this custom our students particapated in a Secret Holiday Gift Exchange where each student designed and help craft the gift that they presented to their classmate.

We would like to wish a Big Happy Birthday on 12/4 to one of our amazing TA’s, Rey!

Thank you so much for all the amazing work you do!

Quote of the month:

" In a World where you can be anything be kind."