Room 4

Teacher: Erin Sullivan

Class 4 Teacher: Erin Sullivan


Happy New Year! Students are back and ready to start 2020 off on the right foot. This month our class will be learning about safe and unsafe situations. We will discuss why it is important to know who you can trust so you can be safe. We will also be working on our bulleting board for the bulletin board contest. Our class will also be celebrating Chinese New Year towards the end of the month. We have several birthdays in January. Maya turned 17 on January 1st. Rebecca and Ana both share a birthday on the 11th and Vincent's birthday is on the 12th. Taiwan celebrates his 18th birthday on January 19th. Happy birthday to all!

Reminder- Friday, January 17th is a Professional Development Day for staff. Monday, January 20th is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Enjoy your 4-day weekend!


This month our class is learning about various winter traditions. We have also been talking about our own traditions. Our class went to Crossgates Mall to deliver the letters to Santa that we collected for Make-A-Wish. We also were able to do some holiday shopping and have lunch in the food court. Students are looking forward to all of the fun events that are happening this month such as the M.O.V.E Pajama and Movie Day, Grinch Day, Winter Wonderland and our annual holiday gift exchange. We hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season. See you all in 2020!


Students in Room 4 are looking forward to all the exciting activities that are happening this month. This month our class will be learning about and discussing going to the doctor. We will be talking about why we go to the doctor, when we need to see the doctor and how to advocate for ourselves. We will also be talking about Thanksgiving and our holiday tradiations. We are starting to plan our annual classroom luncheon. Students are going to help plan the menu and shop for the food we will be making. This month our class has two birthdays to celebrate. Talia turns 20 on the 20th and Cassandra celebrates her birthday on the 30th! Happy birthday ladies!


Students in Room 4 have been working very hard this fall. We are all looking forward to the cooler weather coming. This month our high school students are learning about various scientists and about the scientific method. Students enjoyed reading about Thomas Edison and about how he worked to develop a longer lasting lightbulb. The entire group agreed that it would not be fun to be in the dark all day long and as Josh said "no blackouts!" Our transition level students are working on dressing for success and learning about why it is so important to dress appropriately for various activities and events. Our class is very excited for our upcoming field trip to Indian Ladder Farms and of course, lunch from McDonalds. Everyone has been talking about Halloween, the school's annual haunted house and are deciding if they want to wear costumes. One group chose to work together to design a face for our pumpkin, helped carved it and baked the seeds. We love having a month full of exciting events!!!!!


Welcome back! Room 4 has several brand new students to our classroom. We welcome Aaron, Amanda, Ashlyn, Isaiah, Josh, Maya, and Robert to our room. This summer we will be spending a lot of time getting to know each other. We will also be learning about going to the amusement park, what you can do there, food you eat and what you need to bring. We will also be doing some virtual amusement park rides. Students are looking forward to the carnival this summer and can’t wait to see all the games and activities that classrooms will best hosting. Our class has also been working hard on our garden. We hope to get some delicious vegetables soon so we can use them in our cooking groups. This month Aaron celebrates his 16th birthday on July 17th! In August, Chad and Collin both turn 21 and they will be moving on to adult program come September. We all wish them the best of luck and will miss them very much!