Room 15

Teacher: Nicole Usher

Class 15 Teacher: Nicole Usher


Happy New Year! Our kids were very excited to welcome the new year. We can tell 2020 is going to be a good one! This month, we are learning about conflict and compromise. We are also doing some work in order to get a new pet for our class! The kids have been busy researching what items we need, comparing prices, and creating a presentation to present to administration. We are excited to share pictures of our new friend when he arrives!

Our joke for January is:

What do mountains wear to keep their heads warm?


Enjoy your January!

Happy December!

This month, we will be celebrating two birthdays. Omari and Logan both celebrate their birthday in December. We are excited to be learning about writing letters and people around the world during our holiday unit this month. Our holiday party will be on Friday, December 20th. We will also be visiting the first ever Langan Winter Wonderland this day! Our students seem to be very excited for the holiday season and all of the fun it brings. 2019 went by very quickly, but not without making many wonderful memories along the way! Some of our kids said their favorite memories were: opening the compost bottle, gardening, going on a field trip, cooking groups, and having music with Mr. Connor.

Enjoy the rest of your year!


Here is our November blurb… I am hoping to also send you pictures via my iPad. Hopefully it works!

November is here! Our classroom is busy learning about space this month. A lot of our students love learning about space. So far, we have learned about the Kennedy Space Center, and are looking forward to learning about more. We are also creating our own month to celebrate – Nutrition November! Many of our kids love to eat cheese puffs, candy, and Doritos… but are they healthy?? We have already started to research where our food comes from and how it gets onto our plates. We will also explore our food options and what nutrients and vitamins our bodies need to function.

We have no birthdays to celebrate this month. However, we are looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with our annual Thanksgiving dinner in the classroom!

The November joke of the Month:

Where did they take the Mayflower when it was sick?

….to the nearest doc!