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A comprehensive guide to getting the most out of the Knowledge Leaps platform. Learn about core features, how to use them and explore use cases and How Tos.

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Why Knowledge Leaps?

We built this platform to use machine-learning and human-readable statistical models to identify the story in quantitative data in real-time.

The goal isn't to predict.

The goal is to identify a best set of ingredients for the data to tell its story.

The Journey.

Our single-minded solution soon morphed into a source-neutral data-platform, best described as a specialized file system just for data. We now use Knowledge Leaps as the spine of our data and analytics business.

Foundation + Solutions = Magic.

On top of the platform we are building lots of useful tools. A set of analytics solutions that you can use to extract value from data without needing 3 pHDs on staff.

The current solutions can: calculate optimum prices on 100,000 products; help design test and control experiments; Identify and track custom audiences; Build classification models to explore relationships in data.

What's in the box?

The Knowledge Leaps (KL) platform comprises four key components.

  1. Collecting Data Features
  2. Managing Data Features
  3. Data Analytics Features.
  4. User/Account admin tools.

Where next?

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Doug Edmonds, Founder, September 2018