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Teaching & Learning

Bring your class to our live lesson 

On March 23rd, we’re running a national lesson where pupils will learn about digital skills, data skills, and the ethics of using technology to make decisions. To take part, your class can watch along on YouTube.

The interactive lesson explores how personal data is used to make decisions. You’ll see how computer programmers can (often accidentally) implement their own bias into the algorithms and apps they create. We’ll challenge pupils to make a fair and unbiased algorithm. 

We will guide you and your class through the activity. It’s aimed at learners age 10+ interested in tech, coding, and being ethical digital citizens.

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Generation Science

We bring unique, live experiences directly to schools across Scotland which aim to inspire pupils of all ages to engage with science, technology, engineering and maths. With fully equipped shows and workshops and expert science communicators, all experiences are linked to the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE). 

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Safer Internet Day 2023 

'Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations about life online’ . Over the years, Safer Internet Day has become a landmark event in the online safety calendar. 

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Professional Learning

Inclusion Diversity and inter-sectional Activism, Thursday 27th April 2023, 4.30-6pm.


The second in our Teacher Education Partnership’s series of professional learning events, exploring issues of diversity in the teaching profession and the work of anti-racism, focusses on the issue of intersectionality. 


We will hear from Dr Geetha Marcus, Senior Lecturer in Teacher Education, who will explore perspectives on how an intersectional approach influences our understandings and practices around issues of inclusion and diversity. Dr Marcus will offer some thoughts and then there will be an opportunity for discussion.

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Data Education in Schools

East Lothian Schools can now arrange for the below offers to be delivered in school.

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Crisis Handling

The Inclusion and Wellbeing Service have organised for training around Crisis Handling for school staff. This is provided by www.changeschp.org.uk and they are providing 2 cohorts early in the new year.  Please find attached information and a paragraph below about the training. This is in response to increasing instances of pupils presenting with high levels of emotional distress including suicidal thoughts and self-harm. It is hoped this training will give staff in schools who are supporting such children and young people with increased confidence in how to respond and the approaches best to take.

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Making our Playground more Inclusive, Fun and Creative

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STEM Nation Calendar 

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Global Citizenship 

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A series of online learning that is free. There are 160 courses from a variety of providers.

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Coaching Offers.pdf

Education Scotland Coaching Offer of CLPL to all staff and 1-2-1 Coaches for SLT, Early Years and CLD Staff

To access this offer go to 1:1 Coaching (education.gov.scot) 

To select the coaching that is right for you go to the QR codes below under the Professional Learning heading. 

Introduction to Signalong

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News and Support

Cost of the school day elearning project

The Cost of the School Day project has launched a new, free-to-access eLearning course for practitioners. It's designed to broaden knowledge about the financial challenges families face, and the ways in which school communities can make a difference in reducing burden and removing financial barriers.

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Virtual Rights Assembly

Want to engage your pupils in Rights Respecting School content? Unsure of where to start? Come and join the East Lothian wide virtual Rights Assembly!

Join us every Friday from 11.30am-11.45am, where we will explore learning ABOUT, THROUGH, and FOR rights. 

Suitable for P1-P7 pupils. Assemblies are fun, fast paced, lively and very enjoyable!

Click this link and join in: CLICK HERE