Academically Most Able and Talented

Academically most able and talented (AMAT) students at Ryde Academy

Who are our AMAT students?

An AMAT student will usually be a high achiever at KS2; or will have been identified as able or talented at Ryde Academy by a teacher; or a parent/carer may have nominated their child as able or talented. If you believe that your child is able or talented in a school subject, then please let us know (

Stretch and challenge in lessons.

Teachers use a wide variety of strategies in lesson to ensure that our most able and talented students are engaged, stretched and challenged. These strategies may include the following:

  • Accelerated learning;

  • Linking learning - for example the philosophy or morals underlying an idea or issue;

  • Learning challenge activities;

  • Differentiation - complex tasks;

  • Experts in the classroom;

  • Higher level challenges - A Level work or texts;

  • Mentoring;

  • Wider reading and wider research;

  • Digging deeper (zooming in);

  • Exploring outwards (zooming out).

We are currently embedding the Mastery Flow Model in our teaching at the Academy. This means that students’ learning graduates into more complex, independent and rich tasks throughout lessons and series of lessons. In all lessons, we aim to increase the number of students who are performing at a high level: there is plenty of room at the top.

Stretch and challenge though extra-curricular activities