Teaching and Learning

We use the High Performance Learning philosophy and framework in our Academy. This means that we believe that all students can be high performers, and we teach with these expectations in mind. ​

Using the research-based High Performance Learning approach helps us to systematically build the cognitive competencies that lead a young person to thrive in school and later life. ​

We embed the HPL philosophy throughout our Academy. We never tell our students they cannot achieve; we reassure that although they may not be doing it yet, with practice and perseverance it will happen. ​

If you want to learn more about High Performance Learning, please visit www.highperformancelearning.co.uk

At Ryde Academy, students and teachers have worked collaboratively so as to establish shared high expectations that are visible across the school. They work together in order to make the most of every learning opportunity from within and outside of the Academy. We are proud of the consistent engaging discussion commonly found both inside and outside of the classroom that embraces discovery and reflection in order to enhance thinking.

Inspirational and remarkable teaching, self-evaluation and self-improvement is at the heart of our ethos around professional development. We strive to ensure that all staff are provided with support and guidance and are equipped with the opportunity to reflect and work independently and collaboratively so as to ensure a developmental approach as well as remarkable outcomes.

We have a highly established and recognised teacher training programme and hold strong and professional working relationships with numerous highly recommended providers locally and internationally. We are proud to successfully nurture and embrace talent and allow ITT participants to flourish in the teaching world.

As we build on the rapidly improving quality of teaching within the school we are proud to have established a growing Teaching and Learning team, a Teaching and Learning hub and a mind-set that promotes learning at high levels for all students.


Principal Joy Ballard

Assistant Vice Principal Teaching and Learning Ruth Griffiths-Nash

Lead Practitioners Miranda Walsh and Heidi Howard

ITT Coordinator Kieran Sanderson

Teacher Developers

Nic Gurney

Jon Dallimore

Rachael Wherry

Teaching Champions

Kieron Pye and Sarah Evans