Parental Engagement Policy

At Ryde Academy we believe that parents and carers, along with other stakeholders (all staff, students, Academy Council members nd the wider community), are integral to Academy life and student achievement. We want parents/carers to be involved wherever possible and for the Academy to be a welcoming place to visit.

In order for us to create and provide active and positive partnerships we have the following aims;

  • To have in place effective and reciprocal methods of communication.

  • To provide regular formal and informal events at the Academy for students, their families and the wider community to be involved with.

How do we do this?

  • Regularly seek parental views informally and formally eg Parent Forum, Parent Partnership Working group, formal surveys, feedback via social media etc.

  • Work with the Academy Council.

  • Provide information using a range of media including text, letter, social, media, website, phone calls and Newsletter.

  • In collaboration with students, staff, and parents, create an Parent Partnership Action Plan (currently in progress). We will continually update actions to ensure effective collaboration between all stakeholders.