Literacy Matters

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader Advantage (ARA) combines two key elements of baseline assessment (STAR Reading) and personalised reading practice (Accelerated Reader) to promote reading for pleasure and encourage students to use reading to learn.

Students in years 7-9 take part in the Accelerated Reader scheme which is monitored by group tutors. Parents can also monitor their child’s progress by accessing the Accelerated Reader website.

The aims of the Accelerated Reader scheme are:

- Motivate students of all ages and abilities to read more and better books

- Raise literacy standards amongst all students

- Diagnose problems and direct ongoing reading practice

- Develop a lifelong love of reading

You can find a copy of our 2015-16 Accelerated Reader report here.

DEAR (Drop Everything and Read)

As the title suggests all students and staff Drop Everything And Read. This can be subject specific, teacher led or independent reading and is a great way to include reading and literacy in our daily lives. Students and staff will need to make sure they bring something to read to school every day.

Academies and Schools across the country have adopted similar models.

You can find a copy of the timetable for 2017-18 here.

Extended Writing

Extended writing (when students are given a set amount of time to produce a piece of writing without any help from an adult) is a priority across every subject at the Academy. Students are encouraged to enhance and use their writing skills and be confident when writing. Correct spelling, punctuation and grammar is promoted in the Academy marking codes; a language understood by everyone.

Marking across the Academy can be seen in the form of self and peer assessment, teacher in-depth marking and is also cross referenced with exam board requirements.

Our Library

Librarian: Mrs Sue McDonagh

At Ryde Academy we recognise that literacy is a key to success in academic study and life beyond school. One of the most import things we can teach our students is a love of reading for pleasure. It is for this reason that our library plays such a pivotal role in the Academy.

We operate an “open door” policy at the library and have friendly and skilled staff who are there to help our students.

The library is open 8am – 4pm, Monday to Thursday and 8.30am – 3.30pm on Fridays.

Students may borrow up to two books for a period of 3 weeks.

We have a varied selection of fiction books covering all genres imaginable and which are compatible with the Accelerated Reading Programme.

The book levels cater for the ZPD (zone of proximal development) which is the reading range specific to every learner, determined by their score on 'Star Reading Tests' which are taken termly.

We also have an older readers selection so that all of our students can take part in our daily DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) time which is timetabled for 20 minutes every day.

A suggested reading list is available by clicking on this link.

We operate a system of student librarians who help support Mrs McDonagh. Currently there are no vacancies but if this of interest students should report to the library and ask to add their names to the list.

Book Choice

The Accelerated Reader system is designed for students to take comprehension quizzes on their chosen reading books. There are around 27,000 books to choose from, incorporating well-known authors.

Books can be bought or borrowed from anywhere; Amazon, Waterstones, our school library or even the local library in Ryde; the book just needs to be part of the Accelerated Reader system and in your child's bespoke reading level.

Please use AR-BOOK-FIND, to help locate a book that is both suitable in level and of interest. If it is on AR-BOOK- FIND, then it is one of the 27,000 books that can be used!

Our library has a good range of books for all levels and interests.

Ryde library also have an online catalogue that can be used to search for a book of interest: