Extra-Curricular Activities

We believe that extra-curricular activities are an essential part of a well-rounded education. Involvement in extra-curricular activities are beneficial to students as they:

  • Allow students to learn outside of lessons
  • Helps them to develop communication, social, leadership and teambuilding skills
  • Helps boost their confidence and learn new skills
  • They are able to learn and develop their interpersonal skills and gives them a chance to meet new people

Our activities are designed to cover the following areas:

  • Social
  • The Arts
  • Culture
  • Sport
  • Performing arts
  • Music
  • Maths and Science
  • Technology
  • International events and activities to promote aspects of student SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) Development

Activities include:

  • Breakfast club
  • Homework club
  • Performing Arts and music clubs
  • Individual and group tuition in music provided by specialist teachers
  • Sports teams and clubs
  • Trips to theatres, museums, universities and activity centres
  • Academy productions