About Us

New Rickstones Academy is a co-educational 11-19 comprehensive independent Academy. There are approximately 120 members of staff, including 51 teaching staff.

The Academy has modern, state of the art buildings which were opened in 2012, offering a first class learning and working environment to students and staff alike.

Number of students on roll in 2019/20 (as of September): 817

Number of students on roll in September 2018: 685.

Number of students on roll in September 2017: 601

Number of students on roll in September 2016: 576

Number of students on roll in September 2015: 493

Published admission number: 180

Absence rates in 2018/19 (Year 7-11)

Authorised 3.71%

Unauthorised 1.25%

Vision, Mission, Values.

As an AET academy, at New Rickstones Academy our mission is pure and simple: to enable our pupils to lead remarkable lives. This is the golden thread that binds us all together – the reason that despite our very different paths to New Rickstones Academy, we are all part of one family.


At New Rickstones Academy we want each and every child inspired to choose a Remarkable Life.


To gather and motivate inspirational people committed to delivering an excellent education that launches children into remarkable lives.



As an AET academy, we choose to be unusually brave. We're not afraid to challenge wrongs, to make the right call, even when it's both unusual and difficult to do so.


We are on the search for discovering what's possible. At New Rickstones Academy we look to create 'eureka moments' for our students, helping them discover a world of possibilities and opportunities.


We always strive to push the limits. We don't settle for less than excellent and we won't allow our students to either. We resolve to overcome any self-imposed limits.


At New Rickstones Academy we commit to being big-hearted. We choose to treat each other with kindness, warmth and care, believing that everybody matters and believing in one another.