Behaviour/Anti-bullying Statement

Behaviour/Anti-bullying Statement

At New Rickstones Academy we always aim to deal with any such incidents of bullying in a swift and robust manner. We have clear procedures for dealing with such incidents, with the added intention of educating students about their behaviour, and through supporting such events as Anti-Bullying week. Students are always encouraged to talk to a member of staff if they have concerns, worries or feel they need support in any time of difficulty.

Please click here for our Behaviour Policy

New Rickstones Academy's Core Values and Expectations


We are all responsible for our Academy to be successful and flourish.

We encourage good manners – we use positive language.

We treat others how we like to be treated.

We are respectful, courteous and trustworthy.


We take pride in our learning, our appearance and how we work with others.

We are proud of our Academy and community.

We are not too proud to say sorry.

We appreciate and recognise that everyone is different.


We want to be the best that we can possibly be, in everything that we do.

We arrive at every lesson ready to learn, and on time.

We strive to give of our very best in everything that we do during lessons and whilst representing the academy.


1. Discipline is about long term behaviour changes not quick fixes.

2. We must avoid doing ineffective things, and never make snap decisions in anger.

3. Be fair but don't always treat students equally.

4. Rules must make sense and we mist be able to explain the benefit to learning both the long and short term.

5. We must model what we expect, be well organised, one time, dress appropriately and use positive language.

6. Teaching responsibility is more important than being obsessed with obedience.

7. We must always treat students with dignity.