Behaviour/Anti-bullying Statement

Behaviour/Anti-bullying Statement

At New Rickstones Academy we do not tolerate any form of prejudice and will always aim to deal with any such incidents swiftly. We have clear procedures for dealing with incidents, and we educate students about their behaviour. We support events such as Anti-Bullying week.

Students are encouraged to:

  • Tell a member of staff

  • Avoid conflict

  • Surround themselves with supportive friends

  • Report bullying

  • Be supportive of one another

  • Block any unwanted messages or friends who leave inappropriate comments on social media

  • Never respond to unkind comments online. Use the CEOP button to report it.

Please click here for our Behaviour Policy

New Rickstones Academy's Key Drivers

At New Rickstones Academy we endeavour to develop students’ perspective and character.

By standing up to bullying and reporting this to a member of staff we believe that this challenges wrongs and promotes what’s right.

By reporting bullying of other students we believe that this means our students take pride in their school community.

By treating each other as you wish to be treated we believe that this enables everyone to have values or compassion and justice.

By avoiding conflict, and being allowed to learn, our students' confidence and resilience will be enhanced.

By doing the right thing even when no one is looking, we believe that our students will leave us as well rounded individuals.


1. Discipline is about long term behaviour changes not quick fixes.

2. We must avoid doing ineffective things, and never make snap decisions in anger.

3. Be fair but don't always treat students equally.

4. Rules must make sense and we must be able to explain the benefit to learning, both the long and short term.

5. We must model what we expect, be well organised, one time, dress appropriately and use positive language.

6. Teaching responsibility is more important than being obsessed with obedience.

7. We must always treat students with dignity.