At New Rickstones Academy we care for each individual student, helping them to achieve their potential in all areas of academy life. We want them to feel happy and secure in an ordered, caring and safe environment that encourages and celebrates success.

How we group our students

Each year group from Year 7 to 11 is divided into form groups of approximately 28 students, containing boys and girls of all social and ability levels and from various partner primary schools. At the end of Year 6 all parents are offered a meeting with a senior member of staff from the academy to discuss their child's experience from the primary school activities they do both in and out of school, personal information and friendship groups to enable the academy to settle the children as quickly as possible into their new life at New Rickstones Academy.

In Year 7, where possible, new students are placed with other students from their primary schools to give them confident while they make new friends. New students in other years are placed in form groups as best they can be taking into some consideration their needs.

The Form Tutor will get to know their students closely and will move through the academy with the students, know each student as an individual, be the first point of contact for referral or praise, monitor progress inside and outside the classroom, including homework, deliver the tutorial programme.

The Heads of Year and the Head of Sixth Form have responsibility for overseeing the monitoring of academic progress of all students within their year groups. Each has specific responsibilities for their year groups, which will also including monitoring attendance, lateness, and the welfare of each student as well as overseeing the tutorial programme for their year group.

The Director of Pastoral has overall responsibility for the students at the academy.

Dress Code

We believe good standards of dress promote a positive attitude to work and behaviour and identify students to our local community and future employers as members of an efficient organisation. The co-operation of all parents/carers is requested to ensure that students are in correct uniform on their way to and from the Academy as well as during normal school hours. Please note that New Rickstones Academy makes the final decision as to what is or is not acceptable in all aspects of a student's appearance.

A copy of the New Rickstones Academy KS4 and KS3 dress code can be found on our statutory information page in all policies.

Attendance Matters

Students who maintain good records of attendance will be both recognised and rewarded.

All students are expected to achieve an attendance rate of a minimum of 95%. If you are unwell and unable to attend the Academy for the day, please make sure your parent/carer contacts Mrs Bryan, Attendance Officer by 8.30am at the latest, on that day and on any subsequent days that you may be unwell and unable to attend.

Morning registration starts at 8.35am and finishes at 8.45am. Any student who fails to get a mark, and for whom we have no explanation for absence, will trigger a text alert to parents that will require a response. Therefore, in order to prevent this, please ensure that you are in school, on time, every day. Holidays in term time will not be authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances.

The Academy Day

The academy follows a 5 period day with a mid-morning and lunch break. The academy has a two week timetable: Week A, Week B


AM Roll Call

08.35 - 08.45

Period 1

08.45 - 09.45

Period 2

09.45 - 10.45


10.45 - 11.05

Period 3

11.05 - 12.10

Period 4

12.10 - 13.10


13.10 - 13.40

Tutor Period

13.40 - 14.00

Period 5

14.00 - 15.00

The Academy Week

The length of time in lessons is 25 hours. The requirement of the DfE is 25 hours.


Assemblies are held for every year group including Sixth Form each week. Themes covered link directly into the academy's SMSC and tutorial programmes including creativity, anti-bullying, e-safety, aspirations, British values, PREVENT and making a difference.