In this section parents can access all the information they need to know regarding their child's education at New Rickstones Academy.

We welcome feedback and suggestions via our Contact Us email address,

If any parents would like to request an extra copy of correspondence / reports to be sent to a second address for a parent not living with his or her child please phone Main Reception.

Parent, Student and Academy Expectations

Education is a partnership between home and school.

New Rickstones Academy will do its best to enable students and staff to give of their best and to achieve their best:

As part of our charter you can expect the following from us:

New Rickstones Academy aspires to achieve its aim by:

The NRA Agreement is as follows:

1. The Parents/Carers will:

3. The Student will:

Attendance/Absence Reporting:

If your son/daughter is absent you need to inform the Academy each day they are off.  You will need to speak to our attendance officer and give the reason for your son/daughters absence, please phone 01376 515756 ext. 265

Where possible doctors and dental appointment should be made before or after school, however in the event that an appointment needs to be made during school time we would expect students to attend their lessons prior to or following the appointment.

From September 2013, holidays in term time cannot be authorised by schools and academies. Such unauthorised absence my result in a fixed penalty notice.

If you require any further information please contact Mr Wilding, Director of Pastoral.

Academy Uniform:

Please see statutory information for more information. Uniform can be purchased from Personalise in Crittall Road.

Free School Meals:

The criteria to receive free school meals are set by central government.  An award can only be provided where a parent/carer/child receives: 

Please note that if you do not receive of one of the listed benefits, your application will be refused, in line with the law. Please consider this before applying.

Claiming is easy - simply follow the link