Teaching and Learning

New Rickstones Academy’s approach is based on the fundamental principles of delivering excellence in learning and teaching and driving up achievement and attainment. We will encourage creative, responsive and effective approaches to learning and teaching across all Key Stages to ensure a continuous and consistent Academy-wide focus on students’ achievement and development in all areas, not just academic. We aim to develop our students morally, spiritually, physically and socially, as part of the all-round high quality educational experience we are delivering all children and young people who attend the Academy.

We will drive innovation in education ensuring that the skills, learning and aspirations of our students are developed and enhanced at all key stages, through creative, collaborative responses to personalised learning and improving teaching within the Academy.

Much of our success will depend on appropriate curricula, informed by current knowledge and best practice, and our specialisms of arts and mathematics will be key elements in our push for improvement. We want to be in the best possible position to develop the potential of all pupils and equip them for the demands of 21st century.