All students are provided with a wide body of knowledge, skills and experiences to develop an exceptional character, flourish academically, and lead a happy and remarkable life.


Mastery is defined as ‘fluency with the unfamiliar’ and we lead our students to this through the Mastery Flow Model. This is underpinned by an ambition and commitment for them to be their best version and realise their potential.


Student character development is underpinned by curiosity, confidence, and resilience. It ensures students are fully prepared to succeed in today’s world and tomorrow’s future whilst also encouraging a mindset to do the right thing when no-one is looking.


Perspective is about being open-minded, having compassion, challenging wrongs, and promoting what’s right. The entire Academy will have pride in their communities and embrace all opportunities beyond the classroom and into the wider world.

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Academy Open Evening

New Rickstones Academy Open Evening will take place on Thursday 22 September from 6pm - 8pm.

NRA students will leave early on this day at 1pm to allow time to prepare for the evening. The following day students will not be required to attend until 10.45am to allow time to restore the Academy back to normal. The bus company is aware of the time changes.

Laptops for Students

All Year 11 students at New Rickstones Academy, in Witham, are being given a Chromebook laptop for their GCSE year.

During the annual Year 11 welcome evening, students and their parents were surprised with the gift from the school. Head of school Simon Gibbs said: “We are here, as an academy, to support our students and their parents. The evening is all about getting them ready for their final year of secondary school. “To recognise the difficult year this cohort have had with the pandemic and to make sure no student has a barrier to achieving their very best, we gifted them a Chromebook laptop each. Every student has been allocated a Chromebook, which can be used at school and at home to complete their work. “It has become apparent over the last year, with remote learning, how many students do not have laptops for themselves and are having to share with the rest of their families. The gift means students no longer have to worry about sharing laptops with other students or classes at school and means those without their own devices at home can work whenever they need to, rather than waiting until the family laptop is available. Everyone should be able to access what they need to. “As a Google school, all coursework is on Google Classroom and so the Chromebook helps them to access this system, as well as revision sites. It really sets them off on the right foot for Year 11 by removing what can be a massive barrier to some. “The laptops were really well received. There was a real buzz during the evening.”

During the welcome evening, students were given an insight into the year ahead, with revision tips and resources shared, as well as in-depth conversations with their subject teachers. Student Leah said: “These will really help us to achieve the best grades we can in coursework and exams.” Rianna said: “Homework and online revision is going to be way more effective now we have our own device.” Joe said: “Everything just becomes more accessible with your own Chromebook, in school and at home.”

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