Outdoor Adventures

Find your favourite tree in the park or your garden and use a wax crayon, charcoal or a pencil to rub a copy of the bark onto a piece of paper.

Go for a walk with a grown up and collect items that are every colour of the rainbow.


Various flowers, leaves, and petalsContact PaperHole PunchTwigsString
1. Head out on a hunt to find beautiful treasures in nature. We found some pretty flowers, petals, and leaves! 2. Gather your items in your bag.3. Make sure you grab some sticks too. If necessary, you can always use lolly-sticks to create your frame!4. Dump all your treasures onto the table.5. Cut some contact paper out. Make it double the length (or width) so that you can just fold it in half when you are done placing your flowers.6. Use a hole punch to punch a hole in each corner of the contact paper.7. Tie the contact paper onto the twigs using string.8. Trim the excess string.9. Hang and enjoy!


BirdseedCardboard Rolls (from either toilet paper or paper towels)Peanut ButterSpatula to spreadA flat trayString
WHAT YOU NEED TO DO:1-Spread peanut butter all round the toilet roll2-Sprinkle some seed onto a tray and roll the toilet paper across to pick up the seeds3-Thread the string through the toilet roll and tie the ends in a knot4-Hang your feeder on a tree and enjoy watching the birds come and pick off the seeds.


Playdough is not only super fun to play with, it is also really great at strengthening the small muscles in the hands.
Here is what you will need if you want to make your own playdough:2 cups flour1 cup salt2 tablespoons cream of tartar2 tablespoons vegetable or canola oil1 1/2 cups boiling waterEssential oils (6-10 drops)Food colouring1. Mix the dry ingredients. Add the essential oil and food colouring to the water. Mix in the oil. Slowly add the boiled water.2. Set your mixer on low for about 5 minutes for perfect playdough.3. Once your playdough has cooled, put it on a tray and take it outside. Don’t forget to bring your rolling pin (and any other tools you may like to use).4. Gather some items from around the garden…leaves, pine cones, sturdy flowers, etc. Encourage your young person to press them into the playdough, leaving impressions of the items.