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In December 2022, Ofsted judged us as OUTSTANDING in all areas - Read our inspection report here.

Lea Forest is a leading school in Birmingham, graded OUTSTANDING by Ofsted in December 2022. It has an enriched, relevant, engaging and innovative curriculum which enables children to uncover a world of possibilities - inspiring each and every child to reach true academic brilliance. By embracing the role that Lea Forest plays within the wider community fostering positive partnerships with parents in and beyond the walls of the school - into the streets, into the town and far beyond - the school ensures children can live remarkable lives.

Lea Forest Primary Academy is part of the network of schools in the Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) and as such we share the Trust vision which is to provide our pupils with a wide body of knowledge and skills and an exceptional character to live a remarkable life.  As an AET academy, our mission is pure and simple: We will provide an excellent education to every child, in every classroom, every day. With excellent leadership and teaching in every school, we will help children go on to lead successful and happy lives. We will work with others beyond our network to create capacity in the sector to benefit more children and communities.

It is our aim that by the time the children leave Lea Forest Primary Academy to embark on the next stage of their education, they are equipped with the academic knowledge and skills, and have developed the personal attributes needed to enable them to become successful citizens of the future. We want our children to be happy and feel safe in school; extending their learning, creating challenges in a broad and balanced, experience-rich curriculum.  Our curriculum is planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has come before. The academic learning is underpinned by a strong emphasis on personal development and social skills so that children make and maintain healthy relationships with others. They learn responsibility and develop a sense of self so that they understand and value their place in the world and respect the same for others.  Spartacus, our school mascot, encourages pupils to achieve and gain the best possible outcomes through hard work, exemplary behaviour and a real love for challenge. He encourages pupils to become masters in everything they do and reminds them that 'practise makes permanent'.

135,641 dojo's collected so far 

135,909 dojo's collected so far 

134,934 dojo's collected so far 

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