Teaching & Learning

Outstanding Learning is one of our core 'DNA' at Kingsley Academy. We know that the power of an excellent education, can truly transform lives, and this is central to all that we do at Kingsley Academy. Please see our updated Teaching and Learning Policy for further information.

We believe that every lesson should be characterised by the imparting of new knowledge, the modelling of what is expected by the students, followed by the opportunity for students to then put into practice their new knowledge and their understanding of it, through the explicit application of this new learning to a main task. All lessons at Kingsley Academy, are characterised by our 'Great 8' for teaching. These are the fundamentals of strong teaching and support our learners to make excellent practice.

The 'Great 8' for Teaching

1. Meet and Greet

Ensuring that students enter our classroom environment in an orderly and calm manner, to ensure a purposeful climate for learning.

2. Do Now

This is an engaging and instant task for learners to undertake when entering the classroom. This is usually either recapping prior learning, practising our retrieval of key facts from our Knowledge Organisers or an exploratory task to activate new learning.

3. I Do

This is the imparting of new knowledge and new learning from the teacher to students. This is normally the core part of the lesson, where key terms, key concepts and key knowledge will be shared.

4. We Do

This is the practising of new skills and knowledge by the teacher and the class, in particular this is often an opportunity for the teacher to model what is expected of learners and show them what excellence looks like.

5. You Do (with plenary)

This is an important opportunity in every lesson for learners to now demonstrate their understanding and interpretation of new learning, through an extended task.

6. Success Criteria

This is the sharing of clear criteria to allow learners to know clearly what needs to be evident in a task or assignment in order to be successful.

7. Scaffolding

This focuses on how the teacher meets the all learners, in particular those with Special Educational Needs and those with English as an Additional Language.

8. Learning Check-Points

These are build in throughout the lesson to check knowledge; questioning to deepen understanding and to pick up any misconceptions.