School Uniform & Equipment for Learning

06/06/22 - Principal's Update Letter re: School Uniform

06/06/22 - Uniform Letter

School Uniform Agreement

School uniform and a smart appearance are very important to Kingsley Academy. Uniform identifies our students and we want them to take pride in it. It is important therefore that parents/carers and students understand the following information :

  1. Between leaving home in the morning and arriving back in the afternoon, students are expected to wear their FULL school uniform.

  2. Students should also remember that while in Kingsley Academy’s uniform they are representing the school.

School Uniform

  • Skirts must be loose fitting, ideally pleated

  • Trousers must be loose fitting and should cover the ankles

  • Hijab/ Headscarf must be plain black, purple or white

  • Shoes must be polishable, No converse, trainers or shoes or high heels

  • School bag must be big enough to fill all books into it

  • PE Kit must be the correct PE kit for Kingsley Academy

  • A list of all school uniform with prices is available here and pictures are displayed at the bottom of the page

  • Hoodies, sweatshirts and other outerwear will be confiscated if seen worn indoors , and returned at the end of the day. Only a Kingsley Academy jumper is permitted

  • Trainers, jeans, boots or other non uniform clothes are not permitted in school, students will be offered an alternative from school or put in the SSC for the day

  • Jewellery: only small stud earrings may be worn (1 pair); no other jewellery or facial piercings are permitted (except a watch)

Makeup, Nails & fake eyelashes:

  • Nails must be kept short with discreet nail varnish

  • Fake eyelashes are not permitted

  • Makeup must be discreet

Hair colour or style:

  • No extremes of hair colour or style are permitted, in keeping with a ‘school professional’ look this will be as determined by the Principal

We expect all students to:

  • Wear their ties and blazers at all times

  • Have their shirts tucked in with the top button done up

  • always have, their equipment ready for school

We thank parents/carers in advance for their support in helping us ensure students are correctly and smartly dressed and equipped for school.

Uniform Shop

You can now purchase all items of our school uniform from the School Bells Uniform shop in Hounslow:

48 Bell Road, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW3 3PB

Also you can now purchase all items of our school uniform online from School Bells at :

Email: or


Please make sure that all personal property (uniform, games kit, bags, writing equipment, books, etc.) is clearly marked with your child’s name.

Appropriate School Uniform & Sports kit

Equipment for Learning

At Kingsley Academy every student needs to have a school bag, big enough to hold their exercise books, folders and the following equipment.

The below equipment list is compulsory to all students and will be checked daily during tutor time:

  • Student Planner

  • 2 x Black Pens

  • 2 x Red Pen

  • 2 x Pencil

  • 2 x Highlighters

  • 30cm Ruler

  • Eraser

  • Sharpener

  • Protractor

  • Compass

  • Scientific Calculator

Students must also carry a reading book and their knowledge organisers which will be used during all lessons.

Students should not bring felt tip markers or “Tipp-Ex” or other brands of correcting fluid to school.

We suggest that students also have a bilingual dictionary if English is an additional language.