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GCSE Examinations 2023/24

GCSE Revision

Students are encouraged to start revision as soon as possible, with the summer holidays between Year 10 and 11 being the ideal starting point. After school booster sessions for core and non core subjects commenced in the 2023 Autumn Term. The schedule for these boosters can be found under our Intervention's Page.  We also recommend purchasing subject specific revision guides - your teacher will advise you as to the most suitable.

Kingsley Academy publishes a Knowledge Organiser each term, which can be viewed and downloaded from our website under the Teaching and Learning tab. This document contains key facts and information related to each subject that learners need to have a basic knowledge and understanding of a topic.

We also have Pre-Public Examinations (PPE) that take place  in December and March each academic year and students should take these extremely seriously because their outcomes help to: 

Important administrative details

Exam entries are submitted in early Spring. Depending on the exam, the fees per student per exam range from £15.00 to £30.00. Our assumption will always be that a child will complete all the work necessary to get the best possible outcomes for the exam and so all students are always entered for all, or almost all, the exams for the subjects they are studying. If a child fails to attend the exam or fails to fulfil the pre-exam criteria, therefore, we will ask for payment of the exam fee.

Students should take time to check their GCSE statement of entry. Please note that most morning examinations begin at 9:00am and afternoon examinations begin at 1:30pm.  Students arriving late may not be allowed to sit the exam, due to exam regulations, and parents/carers will therefore be charged the exam fee.  If there are clashes (and it is likely there will be), please confirm with the Exams Manager immediately to ensure she is aware.

If a student is unable to attend an examination it is important to telephone the school to inform the Exams Manager by 8:30am and to obtain a doctor’s medical note, which should be passed on to the Exams Manager within 24 hours.  This will allow us to ask the Exam Board for dispensation and your child may not fail the exam.

Key contacts:

Ms Kaur (Exams Manager) : Email here

Mr Deb (Assistant Principal)  : Email here

Further Guidance