Year 8


Head of Year 8 : Ms Khinda

Ms Khinda
Head of Year 8

During the recent summer term, I have relished the opportunity to both welcome and get acquainted with your child. We are now heading towards year 8 which again marks another exciting chapter in your child’s life and one that will see students follow a specific pastoral programme within tutor time. Throughout the school year, your child will be involved in many workshops and trips, furthermore we will also be holding aspirational talks for targeted groups of students as we encourage them to begin considering their future path.

I will always maintain an open-door policy and I am keen to continue building positive relationships with all of our students so that we can successfully work together. I along with my strong and personable Pastoral team will help encourage your child to realise their full potential on the next stage of their academic excellence at Kingsley Academy.

If you do have any questions or queries relating to your child, please feel free to get in touch and I would be delighted to assist you.

Take care and stay safe,

Ms Khinda

Registration Groups :

Year 8 Cambridge - Mr Dray

Year 8 Durham - Mr Johnson

Year 8 Kings - Mr Giddings

Year 8 Oxford (GSS) - Ms Parmar

Year 7 St Andrews - Ms Scott

Year 8 Warwick - Ms Selvaratnam