Kingsley Council

Kingsley Council exists to represent the voice of students, promote their ideas and advocate their views and interests. It is a democratic and non-political association. Its role includes helping the school to serve its students effectively, increasing engagement with the local community and bringing wider issues into focus at the academy. All members are democratically elected with an interview process additionally for Head and Deputy Head students.

Kingsley Council aims to:

  • Develop the positive relationship between staff and students
  • Increase the participation of students in the running of the school
  • Help students perfect their organisation and communication skills
  • Represent the wide and diverse views of our student body
  • Raise awareness among students of pertinent issues over health, tolerance and the environment
  • Represent the academy and exhibit its DNA consistently.

Kingsley Council will represent the school in community events, help in the recruitment of prospective staff and will champion the values of our academy.