Our Staff

English & Film Faculty

Ms B George

Director of Faculty - English, Film & Literacy

Email: rgeorge@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms M Russell

2nd in charge of English

Email: mrussell@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms E Parkes

Lead Practitioner - English

(Curriculum Development & English Mastery Lead)

Email: eparkes@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr J Winslow

KS4 English Coordinator

Email: jwinslow@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr L Crofts

Teacher of English & Film Studies

Email: lcrofts@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms L Fourie

Teacher of English & Humanities

Email: lfourie@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr N Deb

Assistant Principal

Teacher of English

Email: ndeb@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms O Sutherland

Teacher of English & Psychology

Email: osutherland@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms S Ryan

Assistant Principal

Teacher of English

Email: sryan@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms A Sadiq


Email: asadiq@kingsleyacademy.org

Maths & Enterprise Faculty

Ms M Phull

Director of Faculty - Maths & Enterprise

Email: mphull@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms S Fearon

2i/c of Maths

Email: sfearon@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms P Parmar

Lead Practitioner in Maths

Email: pparmar@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr E Hick

Subject Coordinator for Business and Economics

Email: ehick@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms A Cripps

Head of Year 7

Teacher of Maths

Email: acripps@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr R Ofori-Atta

Teacher of Maths

Email: rofori-atta@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms S Jaganathan

Teacher of Maths

Email: sjaganathan@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr Y El-Hilly

Teacher of Maths

Email: yelhilly@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr S Muhammed

Teacher of Maths


Mr M Sharif

Teacher of ICT & Computing


Science Faculty

Ms A Mamoojee

Director of Faculty - Science

Teacher of Science

Email: amamoojee@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms M Rajcoomar

2nd in charge of Science

Teacher of Science & Biology

Email: drajcoomar@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms A Kaur

Key Stage 3 Science Co-ordinator

Teacher of Science (Biology)

Email: akaur@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr A Kepple

Teacher of Science & Physics

Email: akepple@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms C Williams

Assistant Principal

Teacher of Science

Email: cwilliams@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms G Crowe

Assistant Principal

Teacher of Science & Psychology

Email: gcrowe@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr G Ainge

Senior Lead Practitioner

Teacher of Science (Biology & Chemistry)

Email: gainge@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms R Selvaratnam

Teacher of Science & Applied Science

Email: rselvaratnam@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms S Fernandes

Teacher of Science

Email: sfernandes1@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr S Thamotharampillai

Senior Science Technician

Email: sthamatharampillai@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms L Malyshyts

Science Technician

Email: lmalyshyts@kingsleyacademy.org

Humanities Faculty

Mr S Dray

Director of Faculty - Humanities

Email: sdray@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr J Spong

Subject Leader for Geography

Email: jspong@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr J Wilkinson

Teacher of Geography

Email: jwilkinson@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms H Sheegow

Associate Assistant Principal

Teacher of History

Email: hsheegow@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr P Smart

Teacher of History

Email: psmart@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr M Bibby

Subject Leader for Social Science

Email: mbibby@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms K Kapila

Key Stage 5 Progress Leader & Teacher of Social Science

Email: kkapila@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr E Cahill


Teacher of Sociology & English


MFL & EAL Faculty

Ms S Taccuso

Director of Faculty - MFL & EAL

Email: staccuso@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms Y Scott

Teacher of Spanish

Email: yscott@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms L Black

Subject Leader for English as Additional Language (EAL)

Teacher of EAL

Email: lblack@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms K Dragun

Community Languages Coordinator

Teacher of EAL and French

Email: kdragun@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms K Halpenny

Assistant Principal

Teacher of French & Maths

Email: khalpenny@kingsleyacademy.org

PE & Creative Arts Faculty

Mr R Parker

Director of Faculty - PE & Creative Arts

Email: rparker@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms G Turner

Subject Lead for Art & Photography

Email: gturner@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr C Giddings

Teacher of Art & Photography

Email: cgiddings@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms R Devine

Subject Leader for Performing Arts

Teacher of Drama

Email: rdevine@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr L Johnson

Teacher of Music

Email: ljohnson@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms S Idris

Subject Lead for Design Technology & Childcare

Email: sidris@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr B Tinsley

Vice Principal

Teacher of Science & PE

Email: btinsley@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr D Eustace

Head of Year 10 & 11

Teacher of PE

Email: deustace@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr M Pitts

Head of Year 8 & 9

Teacher of PE

Email: mpitts@kingsleyacademy.org

SEND Faculty

Ms S McCarron

SENDCo & DofE Lead

Teacher of Science

Email: smccarron@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms S Bernard

Learning Support Assistant

Email: sbernard@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr S Jankovic

Learning Support Assistant

Email: sjankovic@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms Aniqa Quasin

Learning Support Assistant

Email: aquasin@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr C Ijezie

Learning Support Assistant

Email: cijezie@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms M Diego

Learning Support Assistant

Email: mdiego@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr K Martinez

Learning Support Assistant

Email: kmartinez@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms T Charan

Learning Support Assistant

Email: tcharan@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms L Kassim

Learning Support Assistant

Email: lkassim@kingsleyacademy.org

Cover and Pastoral Support Team

Ms M Hook

Cover Manager, EVOLVE Coordinator & Pastoral Support Manager - Key Stage 4

Email: mhook@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr I Powell

Pastoral Support Manager - Key Stage 3

Email: ipowell@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms S Saadat Ahmed

Deputy Head of Sixth Form & CEIAG Lead

Email: ssahmed@kingsleyacademy.org

Educational Support Staff

Ms J Traynor

PA to Principal

Email: jtraynor@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms P Aryee

Office Manager

Email: paryee@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms A Hayes


Email: ahayes@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms M Isaac

Receptionist & Admin Assistant

Email: misaac@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms J Yates

Midday Supervisor

Email: jyates@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms E Wright

Midday Supervisor

Email: ewright@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms C McCutcheon

Deputy Designated Safeguarding & Medical Leads

Email: cmccutcheon@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms C Randhawa

Attendance Officer

Email: crandhawa@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms S Norman

Data Manager

Email: snorman@kingsleyacademy.org

Ms D Kaur

Exams Manager & Admissions Support

Email: dkaur@kingsleyacademy.org

Mr H Patel

Communications & Technical Compliance Manager

Email: hpatel@kingsleyacademy.org