Year 7


Head of Year 7 : Ms. Angie Cripps

Ms. Angie Cripps

Head of Year 7 and Primary Transition

Year 7 marks a new stage in your child’s life and we provide warm welcome to secondary school here at Kingsley Academy.

As an experienced leader of the transition from primary to secondary school, I promise to look after your child to the best of my ability. I know there is a lot for both families and students to get used to so do take a look at the information booklet which should answer most of your questions and I will soon get to know you at events throughout this year.

Registration Groups :

Year 7 Cambridge - Ms. Fourie


Year 7 Durham - Ms. Fiddes-Kapadia and Mr. Kepple



Year 7 Kings - Mr. Bibby and Ms. Pennicott



Year 7 Oxford (GSS) - Mr. Hick and Mr. Crofts



Year 7 St Andrews - Ms. Sutherland


Year 7 Warwick - Mr. Smart


There are lots of exciting clubs for your child to take part in - from Astronomy to Art, from sports to choir - have a look at our Enrichment for more details.

There will be more trips and visits throughout the year so we will keep you informed.

There is lots more information in the Parent Information Booklet but a few key points are:

  • Students can come to school from 7.50 and have breakfast - all students should be on site by 8.25 (failure to do so will result in lunch time detention on the same day)

  • Full school uniform should be worn at all times including black shoes (not trainers or boots), black or navy coat (no hoodies) - if a student is not in school uniform the item may be confiscated or they will remain in the SSC until resolved

  • We expect your child to attend school every day, but if they are unwell please contact the school on 020 8572 4461 - please note, Year 7 students will not be sent home unwell during the school day unless you are able to collect them

Please visit School Uniform & Equipment for Learning for more information.