Year 7


Head of Year 7 : Ms Sutherland

Ms Sutherland
Head of Year 7

Year 7 marks a new stage in your child’s life and we provide warm welcome to secondary school here at Kingsley Academy.

Registration Groups :

Year 7 Cambridge -

Year 7 Durham -

Year 7 Kings -

Year 7 Oxford (GSS) -

Year 7 St Andrews -

Year 7 Warwick -

There are lots of exciting clubs for your child to take part in - from Astronomy to Art, from sports to choir - have a look at our Enrichment for more details.

There will be more trips and visits throughout the year so we will keep you informed.

Key points are:

  • Students can come to school from 7.45am and have breakfast - all students should be on site by 8.25am (failure to do so will result in lunch time detention on the same day)

  • Full school uniform should be worn at all times including black shoes (not trainers or boots), black or navy coat (no hoodies) - if a student is not in school uniform the item may be confiscated or they will remain in the SSC until resolved

  • We expect your child to attend school every day, but if they are unwell please contact the school on 020 8572 4461 - please note, Year 7 students will not be sent home unwell during the school day unless you are able to collect them

Please visit School Uniform & Equipment for Learning for more information.