About Us

Our vision:

Our vision at Kingsley Academy is simple, to establish our school at the heart of our community, developing knowledge, ambition and kindness to prepare students for success at university and the world beyond.

Our values or 'DNA':

We believe firmly in the transformative power of education, to achieve social justice for all and to inspire our students to find their remarkable and go on to live fulfilling and remarkable lives. In order to achieve our ambition, we live by our academy 'DNA' or values, which permeate all that we do. They are:

'Walk the talk' - At Kingsley, we role model the high standards that we expect of others. Put simply, we do what we say we will do, no matter how difficult or challenging that may be.

'No excuses' - At Kingsley, we do not lower our expectations of anybody, as we care too much. We don't except excuses, and we work to overcome barriers in order to find our remarkable.

'High expectations' - At Kingsley, we believe that all can achieve, no matter their starting point. Put simply, there are no shortcuts to success, only hard work.

'Outstanding learning' - At Kingsley, we believe in the power of education to unlock remarkable futures and know that excellent teaching and learning is our core purpose. Nothing will detract us from our mission to ensure that every lesson at Kingsley is a great lesson. Put simply, we keep 'the main business, the main business'.

Our Magic Numbers:

At Kingsley, ask any of our students what our three magic numbers represent and they will know! We don't shy away from the good old fashioned values, of respect, discipline and hard work. These numbers represent the expectations which all Kingsley students strive to uphold.

1 - represents the amount of times a student should be asked to do something.

We do things the first time, without needing to be asked twice.

98 - represents the minimum acceptable attendance at the academy.

We must be present at all times to realise our remarkable. If we are not here, we're not learning.

100 - represents the effort we expect to see demonstrated at all time. 100% effort in our studies, our presentation, our attitude and our ambition.

We don't give up, no matter how challenging the task may be, we demonstrate 100% effort at all times.