About Us

Our Motto, Mission, Vision and Values

Here at Kingsley Academy we sum up our approach to teaching and learning in a few simple ways:

Motto: “Make our Best Better”

Mission: “Outstanding learning - changing lives”

Vision: “An ambitious academy promoting academic, cultural and social success for all”

Values: "We value students and staff who are:

      • Aspirational and Ambitious
      • Believe that Breadth of experience leads to depth of character
      • Care for their academy and the local Community
      • Demand of themselves the highest standards in all that they do
      • Enjoy and Excel in their learning
      • Face their own Future with confidence, courage and positivity"


At Kingsley Academy, we have a responsibility to our students, parents and community. We operate a Home School agreement which is given to parents at the time of the admissions process. This document is signed by the student, parent/carer and the initial member of staff.

The Academy's responsibilities are outlined below:

  • Care for your child's safety and well-being
  • Help your child do their best
  • Regularly set and mark homework
  • Inform you of your child's academic progress
  • Deliver lessons that are inspiring and challenging
  • Contact you to discuss any issues affecting your child's work or behaviour
  • Follow the academy's policy for attendance and behaviour
  • Encourage good attendance and behaviour and reward your child when appropriate