Our Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Mr E Cahill


Mr B Tailor

Deputy Headteacher

Quality of Education: Impact

Progress, Outcomes and Sixth Form

Ms G Crowe

Assistant Headteacher

Sixth Form, CEIAG and HPA Learners

Mr N Deb

Assistant Headteacher

Quality of Education: Implementation Teaching, Learning and Quality Assurance

Mr P Govender

Assistant Headteacher

Raising Standards, Data, Reporting and Key Stage 4

Mrs K Halpenny

Assistant Headteacher

Inclusion, Safeguarding, Attendance and Personal Development

Mr B Tinsley

Assistant Headteacher

Behaviour, Rewards, and Primary Transition

Ms C Williams

Assistant Headteacher

Quality of Education: Intent Curriculum, Literacy and Staff Wellbeing

Associate Senior Leadership Team (Associate SLT)

Mr G Ainge

Senior Lead Practitioner (Associate SLT)

Developing the Quality of Education in Science and at Key Stage 5

Ms B George

Director of Faculty - English, Film and Literacy

(Associate Assistant Headteacher - 2020/21 Academic Year)