Our Pledge:

Broadlands Academy is committed to the very highest standards of behaviour. At the crux of our behaviour system is a pledge to all students, their parents/carers, and to our staff: classrooms in Broadlands Academy will be disruption free learning environments.

Broadlands Academy Staff are dedicated to work in partnership with parents/carers to enable each student to achieve in all aspects of education.

The Academy agrees to:

  1. Provide a remarkable curriculum that is broad and balanced, and that promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, social, intellectual and physical development of each child.

  2. Provide a positive ethos that fosters respectful, kind and tolerant attitudes and relationships between students and with staff.

  3. Create a disruption-free learning climate where all students can learn in calm, focused conditions.

  4. Have high expectations of each student and what they can achieve, regardless of the obstacles they may face.

  5. Promote a sense of personal worth and physical well-being, enabling students to become confident, resilient, reflective and healthy.

  6. Provide timely and helpful information about your child’s educational progress as well as the child’s development in practical and social skills.

  7. Have a special educational needs policy and to respond to the needs of SEND children in accordance with our moral and legal responsibilities.

  8. Host regular meetings with your child’s tutor and/or teachers and be available at other times when you have concerns or questions.

  9. Set home learning in a regular pattern and ensure students and parents/carers are aware of the work set.

  10. Let you know if your child is having any difficulties at the Academy.

  11. Keep you informed about new policies and developments in the Academy through our website, Bulletins and Newsletters.

  12. Welcome all parents who wish to be part of any programmes for parents to help in the daily work of the Academy.

  13. Celebrate the success of our students and encourage them to become fully involved in the life of the Academy and our community by offering a range of extra-curricular activities.

  14. Aim to respond to telephone calls or emails within 48 hours.

Broadlands Academy expects parents/carers to work with us in partnership and ask you to agree to:

  1. Support and work with the Academy and encourage a positive attitude to Broadlands and to education as a whole.

  2. Ensure that your child attends the Academy regularly and punctually and not to take holidays or request leave of absence during Academy terms as these cannot be authorised by law. Adhere to the Academy minimum attendance expectation of 96% where possible.

  3. Ensure that your child correctly follows our uniform policy throughout their time at Broadlands (including piercings, hair colour & styles, jewellery etc.), wears full Academy uniform and brings equipment needed including PE kit for all PE lessons.

  4. Agree to the conditions and expectations of Academy policies, including the Disruption-Free Learning System, including downloading and using the Class Charts App so that you can monitor your child’s behaviour and homework.

  5. Ensure that your child attends any detentions given for poor behaviour choices and that arrangements are made for safe transport home after such detentions.

  6. Attend a readmission meeting for your child, following a Fixed Term Exclusion.

  7. Ensure that your child behaves in a responsible, positive and respectful manner towards other students and members of staff.

  8. Treat staff members with respect, even if there is a difference of opinion. Shouting, swearing or any other form of intimidation will not be tolerated, and may lead to a parent/carer being banned from the Academy site.

  9. Attend meetings at the Academy to discuss your child’s progress and to learn about the work of the Academy.

  10. Raise concerns directly with the Academy rather than via social media, so that staff can work with you to resolve them as quickly and effectively as possible.

  11. Let the Academy know in a timely fashion if there are any factors which may affect your child’s education.

  12. Encourage your child to read widely and often, and try to provide reading materials that will help with learning.

  13. Encourage your child to use the media – including television and the internet – selectively and moderately, taking advantage of resources that help learning.

  14. Check the homework that has been set for your child and ensure they complete it on time, assisting them where possible with learning tasks such as quizzing on knowledge organisers or listening to them read aloud.

  15. Talk to your child about what they are learning and ask them to show you their work and explain it to you.

Broadlands expects students to work with us in partnership and ask them to agree to:

  1. Try their best every single day in everything that they day, making each moment count!

  2. Attend the Academy every day and be punctual/on time.

  3. Bring all the equipment needed each day - do a bag check the night before.

  4. Wear the Academy uniform with pride and be tidy in appearance.

  5. Complete all classwork and homework to a high standard and take pride in the presentation of their work.

  6. Respect themselves and everyone else in the Academy and our community. This includes during the journey to and from school.

  7. Be kind, polite and helpful to others.

  8. Speak considerately and refrain from swearing or using language that is otherwise rude or offensive.

  9. Help keep the Academy free from damage, litter and graffiti.

  10. Follow the rules of our Disruption-Free Learning Behaviour System.

  11. Not say or do anything hurtful or unkind to any other member of the Academy and to report any incidents of bullying to a member of staff.

  12. Not use social media to make negative comments to or about another student in or out of school time, as this will lead to sanctions.

  13. Become involved in extra-curricular activities and community events as much as possible.