It is a requirement that all students who attend Broadlands Academy wear the stated uniform without variation. Students are encouraged to develop their individuality and self-confidence in many different ways throughout their time at Broadlands, but not from wearing variations to the uniform. 

Monkhouse Schoolwear Specialists

Our uniform supplier is Monkhouse Schoolwear. In 2018, Monkhouse became the retail arm of the Banner Group, the largest school uniform manufacturer and supplier in the industry. They currently have over 30 stores stretching the length of the UK, supplying over 800 schools.

Website: Monkhouse Schoolwear - Broadlands Academy Uniform

Parent Guide: https://www.monkhouse.com/parent-guide

PE Kit

Students must have a Broadlands logo PE top whether it is a polo shirt, rugby shirt, sweatshirt or all three. They also must have a change of bottoms, trainers and studded boots for boys. The bottoms can be any blue or black design, they do not have to wear the school shorts or skort.

The list below highlights the options within the requirements outlined above:

Optional Protective Clothing

Experimental work in Science and practical work in Art can damage clothing. Such happenings are rare but appropriate protective clothing worn by students, supplied by themselves, may be worn. Further details are available from subject teachers.