Computer Science

The future is technology. Computing drives innovation in the sciences, in engineering, business, entertainment and education. It touches every aspect of our lives from the cars we drive to the movies we watch and the way in which business and governments communicate with and hear from us.


Key Stage 3

During Computer Science lessons students will learn to:

Year 7 units of study include a focus on the key concepts of:

Year 8 units of study include a focus on the key concepts of:

Year 9 units of study include a focus on the key concepts of:

Key Stage 4

Computer Science is a very practical subject – students will be able to use the knowledge and skills they learn in the classroom on real-world problems. It’s also a highly creative subject that calls on learners to be inventive.

To help us develop this engaging, modern qualification, we talked to companies like Microsoft, Google and Cisco; organisations like Computing At School (CAS) and also teachers and academics.

What will a student gain from this course?

Useful Website Links:

Scroll down to 'Computing'. You will then be able to select OCR. The content of this site covers all of the topics studied on the course. Every aspect is to be understood and it supports the content of the Knowledge Organisers very well.

Amazing site for learning a multitude of programming languages with interactive demos and examples.

The Oak National Academy brings together a wealth of online learning opportunities for all the most common courses including Computer Science. Lessons, videos, quizzes and worksheets.

Revision specific for Computer Science with videos, online quizzes and interactive content.

Online coding IDE for a multitude of languages.