We aim to ensure that all our students understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout their life. The faculty of Physical Education and Health coordinates a wide range of healthy lifestyle activities for students, including the annual Health Week event.

The Academy also works to achieve the Government's compulsory guidelines for healthy eating in schools. For more information see the School Food Trust website.

Our catering is delivered by a company called Aspens.

As of September 2021, Cashless Catering is now fully installed and the canteen is once again a busy hub of the school community. Here are some key points you need to know about our catering service this term:

  • The canteen does not accept cash so students wanting to purchase food need to pay with their fingerprint (or pin code if permission has not been given for this). This will only be possible if parents/carers have pre-loaded money into their child’s catering account on Parent Pay

  • Children with Free School Meals will also ‘pay’ with their fingerprint, but the money will be loaded automatically onto their account every day.

  • The canteen is open in the morning and serves breakfast; a free breakfast is provided to children who receive Free School Meals.

  • Food and drinks are now available at breaktime as well as at lunch.

  • Students now have the option of eating in the canteen or having a take-away mealbox. Priority will be given to Years 7 and 8 wanting to sit in the canteen, as this is located within their social area. The Year 9 and 10 & 11 areas both have plenty of picnic benches.

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