In-Year Admissions

All In-Year admission requests come direct to the Academy from the parent/carer, not through the Local Authority. Parents/carers will be required to complete and return an application form direct to the Academy. The Academy should inform the parents/carers and the Local Authority of the outcome of the application within 10 school days of receipt.

The In-Year application form can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlink below. Once complete, this should be returned to Main Reception at Broadlands Academy, St Francis Road, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 2DY.

In-Year Admission Application Form

Prior to making an In-Year application to Broadlands Academy, parent/carers and students need to be aware of our high expectations. All policies and procedures must be followed and supported. All new admissions must also agree to:

- Adhere to the Academy’s Attendance and Punctuality policy ensuring attendance is above 95%

- Adhere to the Academy’s Disruption Free Learning Behaviour System

- Adhere to the Uniform Policy ensuring correct uniform is worn at all times

- Parent/carers and student to attend Parents' Evenings as required

- Parent/carers to attend all meetings arranged by Broadlands Academy staff regarding their child