Year 10 Mock Exams - June 2021

Y10 Mock Exam Timetable - June 2021

Letter for Y10 Students, Parents and Carers - 19/05/21

Year 10 Period 6 Timetable - 2020/21 Term 6

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Y10 Period 6 Timetable

Year 11 GCSE Awards 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Year 11 Mock Exams - May 2021

Y11 Mock Exam Timetable - May 2021

Information for Students

Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable - November 2020

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Y11 Mock Exam Timetable - November 2020

Year 11 Period 6 Timetable - 2020/21 Term 2

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Period 6 Timetable

Year 11 Centre Assessment Grades and Ranking - Update July 2020

In calculating students’ grades and the ranking of all students within each grade for each subject the Head of Centre and Senior Leadership Team at Broadlands Academy have ensured that awarding body and Ofqual guidance in relation to the grading and ranking of students has been followed. Attached is an infographic from the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) which provides a pictorial representation of the process. Ofqual regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England.

Broadlands can confirm:

  • The professional experience of teaching staff was deployed to make a fair and objective judgement of the grade they believe a student is most likely to have achieved had they sat their exams this year

  • Judgements were objective, and based upon student performance

  • Grading and ranking decisions for each student were based upon a holistic professional judgement which balanced different sources of evidence and data

  • Grades and ranking were decided on an objective basis and not on any characteristics protected under equalities legislation such as a student’s sex, race, religion / belief, disability status, gender reassignment or sexual orientation.

  • Judgements were not affected by a student’s behaviour (both good and poor), character, appearance or social background, or the performance of their siblings

  • Previous results in the centre in their subject and the performance of this year’s students compared to those in previous years were factors which were considered in the grading and ranking process

In arriving at the Centre Assessed Grades and Ranking for each subject for each student:

  • Newly and recently qualified or inexperienced members of staff were supported by more senior and experienced members of their subject team.

  • The evidence used when grading students included progress review data - prior tracking points, classwork, bookwork, and / or participation in performances in subjects such as music, drama and PE, performance on any non-exam assessment (NEA), even if this had not been fully completed, performance on any class or homework assessments and mock exams taken over the course of study

  • Work undertaken by students during lockdown was not used to inform judgements

  • Heads of Faculty and the Year Group Leads moderated the initial judgements arrived at by teaching teams

  • The Senior Leadership team completed the moderation process including ranking of students before the final grades and rankings were signed off by the Head of Centre and submitted to the Exam Boards.

All Academy policies relating to examinations can be found below. Please click on the JCQ Warning links for the official rules and regulations regarding examinations from JCQ – the Joint Council for Qualifications. These are always displayed inside and outside the exam rooms and are also given to candidates in their exam packs. It is very important they are adhered to as the consequences for breaching these regulations can be extremely severe.