Please see below for information regarding Examinations at Broadlands Academy.

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Mock Exam Timetable

Broadlands Academy Exams Policy Regarding Enquiries About Results (EAR)

EARs may be requested by centre staff or the candidate following the release of results. A request for a re-mark or clerical check requires the written consent of the candidate, a request for a re-moderation of internally assessed work may be submitted without the consent of the group of candidates.

The awarding bodies offer several services relating to enquiries upon results if it is felt that an error in marking has occurred.

Please be aware that there are three possible outcomes:

  • Your original mark is confirmed as correct, and there is no change to your grade – charged fee is taken.
  • Your original mark is raised, so your final grade may be higher than the original grade you received – charged fee is refunded.
  • Your original mark is lowered, so your final grade may be lower than the original grade you received – charged fee is taken.

The cost of EARs will be paid by:

  • The centre if requested by a member of academy staff.
  • The candidate if not felt appropriate by the Academy.

EAR’s will normally only be approved if the candidate is approximately 5 marks or fewer away from the next upper grade boundary.

All decisions on whether to make an application for an EAR will be made by the Curriculum Leader. This will then need final approval by the Senior Leadership Team

All processing of EARs will be the responsibility of the Exams Officer following the JCQ guidance.

Access to Scripts (ATS)

Access to Scripts will only be considered following the conclusion of all re-marks.

After the release of results, candidates may ask subject staff to request the return of written exam papers within 14 days of the receipt of results unless being considered for a re-mark. .

Centre staff may also request scripts for investigation or for teaching purposes. The curriculum leader will liaise with the Exams Officer and the consent of candidates must be obtained.

An EAR cannot be applied for once an original script has been returned.

The cost of accessing the scripts will be paid by:

  • The centre if requested by a member of academy staff
  • The candidate if not felt appropriate by the Academy.

Processing of requests for ATS will be the responsibility of the Exams Officer.

The school will publish the dates of the specific examinations taken at Broadlands Academy and individual student timetables.


  1. Correct school uniform must be worn. If not, you will be unable to sit the exam and sent home.
  2. All rooming details will be on the Examination Notice Board as is usual practice during exams. PLEASE CHECK CAREFULLY. The board is located outside Ms Attwood’s office.
  3. Remember your equipment.
    • Black pens, pencils, rubber, sharpener, ruler and mathematical instruments when required. Calculator must be non-programmable and without a lid.
  4. All morning exams will start at 09.00.
  5. Afternoon exam start times will vary according to duration of exam. Please remember to take lunch earlier if you have an afternoon exam. These times will be communicated to you before the exam.
  6. Behaviour must be impeccable. Any student not behaving appropriately can be asked to leave the exam.

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All Academy policies relating to examinations can be found below. Please click on the JCQ Warning links for the official rules and regulations regarding examinations from JCQ – the Joint Council for Qualifications. These are always displayed inside and outside the exam rooms and are also given to candidates in their exam packs. It is very important they are adhered to as the consequences for breaching these regulations can be extremely severe.