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Please see below for information on how to contact Broadlands Academy.

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Broadlands Academy,

St Francis Road,



BS31 2DY

Telephone Number

0117 9864791

Fax Number

0117 9161102

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Mr James Hall -


Communications Structure - Priority Points of Contact

All visitors to the Academy are requested to abide by the Visitors’ Code of Conduct at all times

Visiting the Academy

Please be advised that where necessary, an appointment can be made in advance to see an appropriate member of staff. Please be aware that staff may only see parents and carers by prior appointment. Please do not visit the Academy and expect to be seen by a particular member of staff without a prior appointment. Sometimes parents and carers may be asked to see a different member of staff who is better placed to deal with the issue raised, rather than the original member of staff requested.

Main Reception

· The main phone number into the Academy is 0117 9864791. This will be answered between 8.15am and 4.15pm Monday to Thursday and 8.15am to 3.45pm on Friday (there will be an answerphone to leave a message outside of these times). Your call will initially go through an automated system which will give the following options:

- Report a student absence or for any attendance related queries

- Report a staff absence

- Contact the Finance Office

- Contact the Learning Recovery Team (please note that LRC staff work directly with students during the school day and you may therefore need to leave a voicemail message which will be responded to by an appropriate member of the team)

- Contact the school kitchen

- Hold the line to speak to a member of the Reception Team

· Finance: For queries regarding Free School Meals, school trip payments or any Finance issues, please contact Mrs C Norman direct on 01179 161108.

Student Welfare and Inclusion

· Form Tutor: Please refer any issues regarding welfare to your child’s tutor in the first instance. They can be contacted on the main school number (0117 9864791). They will aim to contact you within 48 hrs.

· Learning Recovery Team:

- Learning Recovery Assistants (Ms L Genge and Ms C Ferris) and Student Welfare Manager (Ms V Cottrell): Should be contacted if working specifically with your child. If there is a child protection concern then please contact Ms V Cottrell in the first instance and if unavailable, please speak to one of the Learning Recovery Assistants.

- Year 7 Co-ordinator (Ms N Parry), Year 8 and 9 Co-ordinator (Ms C Parsons-Young) and Year 10 and 11 Co-ordinator (Ms K Daly): Can be contacted if your child’s tutor has been unable to resolve your issue.

- Assistant Principal (Ms H Thayer): Can be contacted if your child’s Year Co-ordinator has been unable to resolve your issue.

- Attendance: Please contact Student Reception regarding absence, attendance issues or in response to Truancy Call. Please use the main school number (0117 9864791) and select the student absence option or the direct number 0117 9161117.

- School Nurse (Ms K Carpenter): If you are involved with the school nurse, you can contact her via the School Nursing Service office on 01225 831666.

· SEND: If your query is regarding your child’s special educational needs, then you will need to contact our SENDCO (Ms J Blair) or Assistant SENDCO (Ms W Brady) on 0117 9864791.

Curriculum Issues

This team is co-ordinated by Ms K Deady, Senior Assistant Principal.

· In the first instance, with any curriculum/subject concerns or questions, please contact your child’s teacher for that subject on 0117 9864791. They will aim to respond to you within 48 hrs. (Please note: the Learning Recovery Team will be unable to provide you with the appropriate response to a curriculum issue, so please contact your child’s teacher).

· More urgent or serious concerns will be escalated by your child’s teacher to the Curriculum Leader for that subject. If you have a complaint regarding a subject or curriculum area, please contact the relevant Curriculum Leader on 0117 9864791.

- English and Drama: Ms S Ambrose

- Maths: Ms M Symonds

- Science and Computer Science: Mr M Hazelwood

- Humanities: Mr P Wadeson

- Modern Foreign Languages: Ms J Escribano

- Art: Ms C Winnan

- Music: Ms I Kerek

- Technology: Mr P Bassett/Ms Z Wilson

- PE: Mr J Boulton

· Examinations: Please contact our Exams Officer, Ms C Murray with any exam queries on 0117 9864791.

· Work Experience and Careers Guidance: Please contact Ms C Murray with any work experience or careers queries on 0117 9864791.

Broadlands Bears Nursery

Please contact our Nursery Manager, Ms C Miller, with any nursery queries on 0117 9161106.


If you wish to contact a member of staff via email, please send your message to and it will be forwarded to the relevant member of staff for an aimed response within 2 school days.

You can also contact us by completing the form below.