Vision and Values


To inspire our young people to set themselves remarkable and aspirational goals based on their unique skills, talents and dreams.


Be unusually brave

We recognise that we are all on a learning journey that will involve challenges as well as successes; our growth mindset helps us to take risks and learn from our mistakes.

Discover what’s possible

We create a rich and dynamic learning environment that inspires our students to nurture their strengths and skills, and discover the opportunities available to them in the wider world.

Push the limits

We believe that everything we do should reflect excellence, and strive to achieve our aspirational goals through effort and resilience.

Be big hearted

We value and cherish every member of our community by showing kindness to everyone, by championing fairness and by celebrating diversity.

Remarkable People and Remarkable Lives

We believe all students are remarkable. 'Remarkable lives' is a vision statement of not just Broadlands Academy, but the whole of the Academies Enterprise Trust. AET are focused on creating remarkable individuals and giving them the skills and opportunities to lead remarkable lives. Please click on the links below to access the video promoting our ethos of Remarkable Lives and the poem that the video is based upon:

AET Remarkable Lives poem.docx