Academy Council

Jon Medlin (Chair)

Helen Simmons (Interim Principal)

Robin Millard (Community Member)


Initially worked in the University of Bristol Library and then spent 10 years working foe the London Borough of Camden as a Childrens Librarian, then later as On-line Reference Services Librarian.


Next came 12 years as Business Information Manager for a Department of the Environment agency before moving to Defence Equipment & Support in MOD Abbey Wood where I worked for 21 years in online information services and later as a certified project reviewer across government departments. Retired in November 2021.


I have been a school governor since 2016 at 3 primary schools in Bristol as chair, vice chair and link roles covering Pupil Premium and Safeguarding before joining the Broadlands Academy Council in 2022.

Lyndsey Momber (Staff Member)

Louise Alley (Parent)

Natasha Brown (Trust Link Member)