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Do you have a child in Year 4 or 5? We will be holding Open Morning tours (by appointment) on 30 June, 1 July and 2 July from 9am-12pm.

During these mornings, you will be shown around the school by a student guide and will be able to see how the Academy operates on a normal school day. There will also be some fun, interactive activities for your child to try in various locations around the site, and an opportunity to meet the Senior Team and ask questions. Please be reassured that we will be following Covid-safety protocols during these tours.

If you would like to book an Open Morning tour on any of the dates above, please contact Main Reception on 01179 864791 to book a convenient time.

Miss L Hamilton


Welcome to our website,

At Broadlands, our vision is to inspire our young people to set themselves remarkable and aspirational goals based on their unique skills, talents and dreams.

As a small secondary school, we cultivate a ‘family feel’ and sense of belonging among our students, and believe that nurture is essential for academic, personal and social success. We are an inclusive community, which welcomes and celebrates students of all backgrounds and starting points, and which promotes diversity and fairness.

As well as cherishing and supporting our students, we believe in challenging them to achieve excellence in everything that they do. We have the highest of expectations of behaviour, and pledge that every classroom in our school will be a disruption-free learning environment. Similarly, we have aspirational academic goals for every student, and do not believe in placing a ceiling on what any young person can achieve. For this reason, our classes in Years 7, 8 and 9 are taught in mixed ability groupings, and we teach to the top in every lesson. Where students need additional or different tools to reach our aspirational aims, these are provided by our expert teachers, who benefit from the guidance of our excellent SEN and pastoral teams.


At Broadlands, we recognise the importance of building young people’s character as well as their academic success. We run a wide range of extra-curricular activities and clubs, and aim to enhance and deepen our students’ learning experiences with educational and cultural visits where possible. Our excellent Careers advice and strong links with employers and post-16 providers mean that we are able to prepare our students fully for their chosen pathways.

Importantly, we are a proud member of the wider Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) family, which is one of the largest education trusts in the UK. As a school, we benefit directly from AET’s expertise, support and systems; we also share their four core values, which are intrinsic to our Broadlands Academy ethos:

  • Be unusually brave: We recognise that we are all on a learning journey that will involve challenges as well as successes; our growth mindset helps us to take risks and learn from our mistakes.

  • Discover what’s possible: We create a rich and dynamic learning environment that inspires our students to nurture their strengths and skills, and discover the opportunities available to them in the wider world.

  • Push the limits: We believe that everything we do should reflect excellence, and strive to achieve our aspirational goals through effort and resilience.

  • Be big hearted: We value and cherish every member of our community by showing kindness to everyone, by championing fairness and by celebrating diversity.

Although we run fantastic Open Events, we also believe in having an open door policy all year round; if you would like to see our vision and values in action, therefore, please do make an appointment to tour the school. My PA, Miss Steer, can be contacted at

I look forward to welcoming you to our truly remarkable Broadlands Academy!

Miss Louise Hamilton, Headteacher

High Performance Learning (HPL)

We use the High Performance Learning philosophy and framework in our school. This means that we believe that all the students can be high performers, and we teach with these expectations in mind.

Using the research-based High Performance Learning approach helps us to systematically build the cognitive competencies that lead a young person to thrive in school and later life.

We embed the HPL philosophy throughout our school. We never tell our students they cannot achieve; we reassure that although they may not doing it yet, with practice and persevere it will happen.

If you want to learn more about High Performance Learning, please visit

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