Pupil and Sports Premium

Pupil Premium

Leaders make effective use of pupil premium funding to provide additional support where needed.

As a result, disadvantaged pupils achieve well and make good progress.

(Brookmead School Ofsted 'Good', January 2015)

Pupil Premium funding has been allocated to schools each year since 2011; the current allocation is £18,000. The proportion of disadvantaged pupils at Brookmead School is 11% (an increase of 2% over two years). Because some cohorts have only a small number of disadvantaged pupils, detailed information regarding pupil outcomes is not published on the website to ensure pupil anonymity. The Pupil Premium strategy is reviewed in the Spring and Autumn Terms and funding allocated as part of the annual budget setting exercise.

Our 2020 / 21 expenditure is being reviewed and the updated Pupil Premium strategy for 2021/22 is currently being written - watch this space for more information.

Impact of Pupil Premium Funding on Outcomes for Disadvantaged Pupils

The school works closely with class teachers, parents and pupils to raise achievement for all vulnerable pupils through targeted interventions and support.

Our focus on closing the gap between disadvantaged pupils and other pupils at Brookmead School reflected in very positive outcomes for PP and FSM pupils in 2017 - in almost all areas the achievement of disadvantaged pupils at Brookmead School significantly exceeds that of disadvantaged pupils across the Local Authority and Nationally. This was maintained in outcomes for the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check and end of Key Stage 1 assessments in 2018. Progress for disadvantaged pupils in reading, writing and mathematics Key Stage 2 in 2019 was not significantly different to national and in reading and writing was in line with other pupils.

Raising Achievement through the Pupil Premium Grant

What are the main barriers to achievement for disadvantaged pupils?

  • emotional well-being and anxiety

  • lack of confidence, resilience and low self-esteem

  • limited access to opportunities and resources to broaden learning experience and raise achievement

  • lack of exposure to a range of vocabulary

  • low expectations of what pupils can and should achieve.

Pupil Premium funding is targeted to raise the achievement of disadvantaged pupils in the following ways:

Raising achievement through technology, which includes:

    • widening access to learning through technology

    • extending experiences through technology (e.g. 3D printer, Google Glasses, responsive projection systems)

    • extending children’s experiences of technology to understand the world around them and keep themselves safe

Raising achievement through extended learning and enrichment projects, which includes:

    • subsidies for school trips, residential trips, music tuition, extra-curricular activities, Breakfast and After-School Club;

    • enrichment projects and extending experience, such as Learning Outside the Classroom/Forest School, Bucks Open Studios, singing projects including O2 and Royal Albert Hall, resources to widen access to learning at school and at home (including online)

Raising achievement through intervention and support, which includes:

    • support through nurture groups, 1-1 interventions (particularly in reading, and mathematics), mentoring and Achievement Champions (introduced in 2019)

    • Young Carers groups

    • emotional well-being support for pupils

    • access to programmes online to help develop skills and confidence in English and mathematics (e.g. Nessy, Purple Mash, Speech Link)

Pupil Premium Funding is also used to maintain excellence in the teaching of Phonics and Early Reading in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, and build confidence and enjoyment in reading in Key Stage 2 through access to a rich range of books and reading resources.

The school works closely with the Pitstone Town Lands Charity to help provide financial support to families in need in Pitstone. In 2017 and 2018 the school also received a grant from the Tring Charities to support the participation of Y6 pupils in the residential trip. Families who may be experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to speak to a member of the school leadership team in confidence.

Sports Premium

The school uses the primary sport funding effectively. It successfully raises the awareness of, and opportunities for, pupils to take part in a wide range of sporting activities. The school has increased the number of clubs available and pupil participation is high. This promotes healthy lifestyles for all.

(Brookmead School Ofsted 'Good, January 2015)

Raising achievement and widening participation through Sport and PE, which includes:

    • investment in the sports programme REAL PE, including training and development for teachers and pupils

    • developing the skills of pupils and staff through specialist coaching

    • transport costs to enable children to participate in a wide range of events within the local area

    • renewing and updating sports equipment

    • extra-curricular activities and lunchtime clubs to promote health lifestyles

    • membership of both the Aylesbury Vale and Tring School Sports Partnerships which increases the number of events that our children can participate in.

What have we achieved as part of PE and Sports development at Brookmead School?

  • Increased number of after school clubs

  • Use of specialists to provide targeted sports clubs to promote engagement in physical activity for all pupils

  • Leadership opportunities for volunteers, extending the network of knowledge and skills within parent community

    • A strong collaboration has been developed with Tring School as well as with local Bucks Sports Partnerships which has increased opportunities for pupil participation in sporting activities from Years 1-6

  • Engagement with Basketball England (coaching by members of the Olympic Team for Brookmead Pupils)

  • Investment in new equipment

  • Achievement of Sainsbury’s School Games Gold Award for the provision of sport. This award is based on increased children’s participation and provision of PE/ Games; the number of competitive opportunities both within and outside school that are offered, pupils’ involvement in the planning and organisation of sporting events and the training of staff.

  • Implementation of REAL PE to raise pupil achievement and quality of teaching

  • Sports leaders well established and contributing to effective physical games and activities at play time, providing an effective model of pupil leadership

  • A wide range of extra-curricular and coaching activities, including Cross Country, Athletics, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Football, Rugby, Tennis, Netball, Golf, American Football, Street Dance

  • Member of staff upskilled to run sports club at lunchtime and after school to wide participation in sports of all pupils, particularly those who may be classed as vulnerable

Year 6 Swimming Competency

Swimming lessons are provided to all pupils for one term in Key Stage 2.

    • 26 (75%) pupils in Year 6 were able to swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres by the end of the Key Stage

    • 26 (75%) pupils were able to use a range of strokes effectively

    • 30 (86%) pupils were able to perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations

Swimming for 2020/21 was unable to take place due to issues related to the pandemic and transport. This means that there will be more than one year group attending swimming lessons at Brookmead School in 2021/22.

National Child Measurement Programme

According to data collected as part of the National Child Measurement Programme (2018) the proportion of pupils in Year 6 who were overweight or obese was lower in Brookmead than in most other schools across England and schools in Buckinghamshire.


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