Our intent when learning a foreign language is that we provide an opening to other cultures. We intend to inspire our learners to be passionate about languages other than English and, where possible, to make links between their own mother tongue and the foreign language. We aim to lay the foundations for the future learning of language.


At Brookmead School we teach French as our focus MFL. Learners are exposed to other languages through the celebration of languages that members of our community speak as a first language and through other opportunities such as theme days and a focus on greetings in a language other than English.

In Year 4, our curriculum invites children to reflect upon and celebrate themselves as well as any similarities and differences between different types of families. When in Year 6, the children learn about other countries around the world that speak French, focusing on a variety of aspects such as: flags, currencies, and the cultural traditions of those countries. 


Through our teaching and learning in Languages we challenge, we inspire and we ensure children achieve:

        speaking, reading and writing.

       and making connections to English (or their own mother tongue) where words share 

       common origins. 

       differ from one language to another.

        culture and the culture of other French-speaking countries.

       secondary school setting 

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